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    Seemed like much longer than 3.2 miles but was probably due to the slow pace we had to go, was a slopfest with the mud and didn't have much time to look up. We only got in 20 hrs before and didn't rain in that time and is after rainy season (mid-Jan). We didn't look carefully at the map so I thought that the trail was next to the water for much of the time, but you can only hear the water and falls and pools except for 2 crossings and the end. Pools were very nice, but if I were to do it again, would just stop at early first crossing and enjoy the waterfall just up from there.

    2 months ago

    The lake is beautiful and healthy w.r.t. wildlife (fish, turtles, birds). The path was very nice, piney underfoot alot of the way, a few nice small streams, a couple nice small clearings, and a lot of the path was along the lake with nice views. Only negative is it was fairly buggy so bring bug spray. Trail was very easy and pretty much flat the whole way. I would definitely recommend.

    We tried to go to Bourn pond after the (spectacular) Lye waterfall but the trail was very poor. Markings were hard to find, fallen trees required small detours, trail was muddy, and lots of bushwacking was needed. We turned back after ~4-5 miles after the waterfall fork. The forest was very beautiful but I would not recommend doing this hike.

    The trail was uphill but not too strenuous and the falls were spectacular, cascading and dropping for 100+ feet (saw shortly after a good rain). Definitely avoid the other fork to the pond, we hiked maybe 4-5 miles on it before we decided to turn around - the trail was pretty poor and had to walk around fallen trees and bushwack brush fairly frequently.