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    scott Forman saved Wire Pass Trail

    11 days ago

    scott Forman saved Grays Peak Trail

    13 days ago

    scott Forman saved Backbone Trail

    3 months ago

    scott Forman saved Bonita Falls Trail

    3 months ago

    scott Forman reviewed Mount San Antonio & Mount Baldy Notch Trail

    3 months ago

    Sept 1, started at 7am. Trail was already busy. Did the route counter clockwise. Coming down the baldy bowl trail is brutal on the quads. The summit was rad. Lots of hikers, and one crazy guy on a mountain bike. I asked him if he rides it down devils backbone. Dude says yes. Crazy. Bring at least 4 liters of water, lunch, and be ready for the burn! 6 hours from start to finish. Awesome waterfall just off the trail. Definitely doing this one again.

    scott Forman saved Aztec Falls

    5 months ago

    scott Forman reviewed Bridge to Nowhere via East Fork Trail

    6 months ago

    Thank you to the la county sheriffs dept.! Keeping the public safe by giving everyone tickets! Adventure pass + 62 dollar ticket. Rad! Thanks guys, keep keeping the hikers safe! No no, don’t add any parking, then you won’t make as much $ on fines! Sweet!

    scott Forman reviewed Bump and Grind Trail

    9 months ago

    Easy access, and way too many people. Local hiking hotspot. Some asshole was trying to mountain bike it with tons of people on it. Be smarter than that, wait til summer when all the snowbirds/geriatric crowd is gone.very steep on the south side, with a more moderate incline from the north. Good hike that will make you sweat

    scott Forman completed Bump and Grind Trail

    9 months ago

    scott Forman reviewed Boy Scout Trail To Willow Hole Extended Route

    9 months ago

    Trail is well marked, as well as unremarkable. Wash running uphill with a few rocks here and there. Found dirty water at willow hole. Cool rock formations once there. This would be an awesome trail to do right after a big rain, as the majority of it is in a wash.

    scott Forman reviewed Whitwater Ranger Station to Cottonwood TH via PCT

    9 months ago

    Good day hike. Lots of elevation with stunning views of mt San Jacinto and Coachella valley. Flowers are blooming early this year. Popular hike

    scott Forman reviewed Saw Tooth Loop Trail

    10 months ago

    Up and down the whole way. Very strenuous. Awesome views! Awesome rock begging to be climbed. Ran into a few horseback riders halfway. Awesome trail!

    scott Forman completed Saw Tooth Loop Trail

    10 months ago

    scott Forman reviewed Eureka Peak Trail

    10 months ago

    Wash running In a tight canyon for the first 4 miles. Took the turnoff to canyon view trail and back to black rock. Lots of up and down elevation change on canyon view. A challenging but rewarding 7 miles. Don’t step in the horse poop!

    scott Forman completed Eureka Peak Trail

    10 months ago

    scott Forman reviewed Cactus To Clouds Trail to San Jacinto Peak

    10 months ago

    This trail is no joke. 10 plus miles to the tram, with an 8000 ft ascent. Another 5.5 miles and 2500 ft up from the tram to the peak. Super steep and long. Snow and ice can make this trail even more difficult and dangerous. Do not attempt if you are not well prepared and hardcore! Unprepared hikers have died trying this trail in the incredibly hot summer. Serious only please!

    scott Forman reviewed San Jacinto Peak via Fuller Ridge Trail

    10 months ago

    Did this trail last summer. Fantastic views all day! Steep! Serious workout! Been to the peak many times from the tram, but this was rewarding. Ran out of water with a few miles to go. What an ass! Great long day to hike this if you have the time and opportunity!