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    Scott Fahrney reviewed Ellis Hollow Nature Preserve Loop

    16 days ago

    We stumbled across this site using All Trails and were glad we did. We were in the area and looking for a short trail run and hike and this was perfect. It is a quiet forested area with opportunities for wildlife and peace. A local poet has posted some of their works throughout the system which was neat too. The main loop is about 1.5 miles and there are two shorter loops so you can easily cover about 3 miles or so if you do all three. We spotted a large owl and some neat salamanders/newts on our run. The trail is well marked and easy for trail running. There is a little elevation gain as well.
    Would definitely go back if we are ever in the area again.

    Scott Fahrney reviewed Sneakeye Spring Trail

    4 months ago

    Definitely a challenging hike that is mostly boulder scrambling with a fair bit of exposure in quite a few places. Need to be agile and confident rock and boulder hopping to make it up this track. It does reward you with beautiful views of the surrounding cliffs and vistas below and could serve as access to further adventures if you want.
    We did find a couple of small pools of water about half way up so maybe that was the spring? Were also told there were some remnants of an old bootleggers still somewhere up there but we did not find them.
    A fun but definitely “hard” hike.

    Scott Fahrney completed Sneakeye Spring Trail

    4 months ago

    Scott Fahrney reviewed Calico Tanks Trail

    9 months ago

    We were able to trail run about half of the trail. The hiking was fun with some nice boulder scrambling. The tank was full of interesting aquatic life. Go a little further for spectacular views of Las Vegas too.

    Scott Fahrney completed Calico Tanks Trail

    9 months ago

    Scott Fahrney reviewed West Rim Trail to Lava Point

    9 months ago

    Wow! Spectacular fall colors to go with the canyon colors made this run/hike totally amazing. We really did not expect the brilliant reds and oranges mixed with the yellows of the leaves. Totally awesome experience. We are already making plans to do it again next year.

    We started at the West Rim trailhead and ended at The Grotto. We were able to run over half of it easily and hiked the rest. Measured the distance right at 17 miles so a bit longer than the advertised 13-14 miles. There was some water but it definitely requires filtering if you need to get it. We took 6 hours with hundreds of photo op stops. Had the whole trail to ourselves until we got close to the Angels Rest area and then it got a bit busy.

    Scott Fahrney completed Cathedral Rock Trail

    10 months ago

    Scott Fahrney reviewed Cathedral Rock Trail

    10 months ago

    The Aspen were spectacular today!

    Scott Fahrney reviewed Main Trail and Temple Pond Loop Trail

    about 1 year ago

    We are from out of town and found these trails via the App and looking for clear weather on the AccuWeather radar site. Had a fun 4.5 mile run to Temple Pond and some of the surrounding trails. Nice stop to check out the birds and frogs at the pond too. Beautiful spot. The trails in the park are not always marked but we were able to use the App and common sense to get around even when we diverted from the main route. There are a lot of other trails to explore tho, and it did not appear that all were noted on the posted map at the trailhead. So it could be easy to get lost I think.
    Overall a great spot for trail running. Mix of dirt road to single track width. Good footing the whole way.