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    Scooter Hendon reviewed Northern Indian Peaks Loop

    3 months ago

    Completed with two friends over 4 days/3 nights, Sept. 8-11.

    First day hiked 8.5 miles from Mitchell Lake Trailhead to Red Deer Lake. Several other campers there. Gorgeous lake with a glacier across the water.

    Second day hiked out from Red Deer, then slow ascent to Buchanan Pass. Tough climb, but gorgeous view of both sides from the top. VERY windy. Descended from Buchanan, big abuse on knees and feet, then down past Cascade Trail Junction to camp at creek/meadow area a couple miles past four 10.2 miles on the day.

    Third day was magical. Short hike to Pawnee Lake brought endless waterfalls and gorgeous view of Cherokee Peak on the way. Then continued on to literally the best campsite I've ever witnessed. Overlooking Pawnee Lake, just before it gets rocky on the ascent to Pawnee Pass is a meadow and perfect place to camp. We had to carry water from Pawnee Lake, but it was well worth it. Actual heaven on earth at "Jamestic Meadows." Played frisbee, napped in hammock, enjoyed the best view imaginable. Very little wind in our meadow camp. Can't recommend this enough. Short 5.3 mile hike (all uphill) made this a Magic Day.

    Fourth day, left out at just before 6 with headlamps and climbed to Mordor, a.k.a. Pawnee Pass. Extremely rocky and pretty technical, this part of the trail is pretty intense. All rock, all ascent. Saw across to Buchanan as the sun rose. Perfection. Hiked past Pawnee down to the end of the trail. Traditional Rocky Mountain scenery with meadows, lakes and streams. Really nice way to end. Got off trail and had to hike another mile to get back to our parking lot, so that was a drag at the end.

    Overall: Not for beginners by any stretch, but absolutely incredible and I would happily do it again, if for no other reason than one night at Jamestic Meadows.

    Scooter Hendon saved Good Water Trail

    3 months ago

    Scooter Hendon reviewed 4 - C National Recreation Hiking Trail

    4 months ago

    Hiked in late April and loved it. Underrated East Texas beauty. Hiked north to south on a Friday morning through Sunday morning. North portion is definitely the highlight. There is a bridge washout in the north part, so be ready to get your feet wet. Not a super glamorous trail, but we enjoyed it greatly. Hit me at @scooteronomy on Twitter or Instagram if you want any details on my experience.

    Scooter Hendon saved DORBA Trail Loop

    9 months ago

    Scooter Hendon saved Eagle Rock Loop

    9 months ago