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    Member Since July 2013

    Sarah Rushing Pro-red@3x

    Blacksburg, Virginia 

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    Sarah Rushing reviewed New River Trail: Draper to Hiwassee River Bridge

    1 day ago

    Nice shaded trail; good for a bike ride, trail running, or walk. There are parking lots at both ends (Draper and Hiwassee), including restrooms at the Draper lot. State Park fees apply ($7 per car, or annual pass). There are a few bridges/trestles to cross, which provide nice views of the New River. Since this is part of the New River Trail, it's easy to add on more mileage.

    Sarah Rushing completed Lewis Spring Trail

    8 days ago

    Sarah Rushing reviewed Dark Hollow Falls Trail

    8 days ago

    Lovely little hike in a nice shaded area. Remember that it's all downhill on the way to the falls, which means all uphill on the way back. If you want to get all the views of the falls, be sure to continue down the trail past the first "big" falls. You'll come to a bridge/fire road. Once you're there, you've reached the final viewpoint.

    Sarah Rushing reviewed Bearfence Mountain Trail

    8 days ago

    Love this little trail! I hiked clockwise so that the scramble was first, which I recommend. Even though the loop trail continues going a bit further after the rock scramble, your best views will be the 360 on top of the rocks there. Well worth doing as a loop trail, with an easy return on the AT.

    Sarah Rushing reviewed Lewis Spring Falls Trail

    8 days ago

    Very nice, shaded little hike. I hiked it clockwise, but would probably recommend counterclockwise, as others have said. Great overlook on the AT close to the trailhead at the beginning (or end, if you do it counterclockwise) of the trail.

    Sarah Rushing reviewed Bottom Creek Gorge Trail

    11 days ago

    Beautiful area, and low traffic. The trails are pretty well marked, but we managed to miss the waterfall overlook. I'll keep a closer eye on the AllTrails map next time. We got caught in a rainstorm (luckily no thunder/lightning), but it was still very pleasant. The creek is pretty fast right now. I assume the waterfall is probably at its peak. Good time to go! We took the trail clockwise (left at the yellow trail intersection), which was nice.

    Sarah Rushing reviewed Humpback Rocks Recreation Area

    12 days ago

    Great workout with a wonderful payoff! I'd definitely recommend making this a loop by coming back down on the AT (just follow the signage and/or check out the other posting for Humpback Rocks on AllTrails). It's more gradual, scenic, and less crowded.

    I snagged one of the last parking spots in the grass at the actual trailhead parking. There were many people parked along the drive when I left around noon.

    Sarah Rushing completed Third Creek Greenway

    13 days ago

    Sarah Rushing reviewed Bald Knob and Bear Cliffs

    16 days ago

    Trail to Bald Knob is currently closed due to construction (there's a sign warning against trespassing). I tried to check out the Bear Cliffs end of the loop (accessible by walking through the parking lots to the Lower Jungle trail and continuing a short distance until the "Bear Cliffs" sign), but it was overgrown, like much of the Mountain Lake area.

    Sarah Rushing reviewed Apple Orchard Falls Trail

    21 days ago

    Beautiful trail, easy access. Downhill all the way to the falls, which means uphill all the way back. The trail is mostly under tree cover. Bug spray recommended. You'll come to a small falls first, then the big falls are just a bit further. There's a viewing platform, but unless the trees are bare (winter), you'll want to continue down the staircases for the best view at the base of the falls.

    This trail is close to the Peaks of Otter area if you need the restrooms, store, etc.

    Our stats:
    3.22 miles
    1:20 hours
    998 elevation gain

    Sarah Rushing added with Ariana

    22 days ago

    Sarah Rushing reviewed War Spur Trail

    22 days ago

    Quite overgrown. Still some downed trees, as others have mentioned. I opted to take the right trail as an out and back, rather than take the loop (the left trail seemed even more overgrown). I was the only person on the trail when I was there this afternoon. Mostly downhill on the way out, which means uphill on the way back, but the grade is gentle. Definitely not difficult. It's a gravel road to the trailhead, but there will be a pullout spot on the right (when coming from Mountain Lake) to park. There is a sign with more information at the trailhead. View from the overlook is nice.

    Sarah Rushing completed War Spur Trail

    22 days ago

    Sarah Rushing completed Levee Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Sarah Rushing reviewed Bison Peak Summit Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Wonderful trail. Snow wasn't much of an issue on June 1. We carried snowshoes the whole way without any opportunity to use them. I appreciated having poles for more stability, though (a couple of piles of snow to walk through, but nothing on an uncomfortable incline; it's also melting fast). Be sure to go right at the fork near the top. Much of our party was happy to just hang out at the meadow at the top. Incredible views and rocks, even without a summit. No restroom at the trailhead. Easy to get to and little traffic the day we went. Highly recommend!

    Sarah Rushing completed Waneka Lake

    about 1 month ago

    Sarah Rushing completed Bison Peak Summit Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Sarah Rushing completed Pella Crossing Loop Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Sarah Rushing completed Red Rocks Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Sarah Rushing completed McIntosh Lake

    about 1 month ago

    Sarah Rushing added CO Walks

    about 1 month ago

    Sarah Rushing completed Coot Lake Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Sarah Rushing completed Mallory Cave

    about 1 month ago

    Sarah Rushing completed Doc Holiday Grave Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Sarah Rushing reviewed Hanging Lake Trail

    about 1 month ago

    We had a wonderful time. The staff at the new Hanging Lake Welcome Center/Shuttle was very helpful and accommodating. Be sure to go up to Spouting Rock while you're there! Well worth the $12 reservation (and no worrying about parking!).

    Sarah Rushing completed Hanging Lake Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Sarah Rushing completed Huckleberry Trail

    2 months ago

    Sarah Rushing reviewed Cedar Creek Trail

    3 months ago

    Natural Bridge was a lovely place to spend a morning, and this walk provides lots of unexpected fun just after the bridge! A few notes/tips:
    -if you have a VA State Parks pass, that covers admission for up to 4 people. If you're considering buying a state parks pass, you can purchase it at the visitor's center for $75. Otherwise, it's $8 per person (not per car, as many other state parks) to enter the park.
    -there are some nice exhibits in the visitors center
    -pick up a self-guided tour brochure before starting out
    -there's a cafe (with beer!) at the start of this hike near the bridge
    -apparently they do a drama 30 minutes after dusk each evening (but we missed this).
    -if you keep walking on the Cedar Creek trail past the bridge, you'll come to an enlightening recreation of a Native American village, some caves, and a waterfall.


    Sarah Rushing reviewed Stiles Falls

    3 months ago

    A wonderful little hike. Be sure to check the camp's website (http://www.altamons.org/hiking.html) for closure dates, but otherwise they are open to the public and welcoming. The visitor parking is to the right shortly after entering the property. There's a sign-in for visitors on the wooden board. From there, continue walking along the road and follow signs for Stiles Falls. There are a few creek crossings with widely spaced rocks. Otherwise the hike is pretty simple. Enjoy!

    Sarah Rushing completed Stiles Falls

    3 months ago

    Sarah Rushing reviewed Devil's Marbleyard Via Belfast Trail

    3 months ago

    I highly recommend this trail - very unique and great practice (in VA!) for bigger mountains/more difficult scrambling. The parking lot is small, but there's plenty side-of-road parking. No restroom at TH. I came in from I-81 (+ Hwy 11 + 130 + 759), and the road was certainly not a single lane dirt/gravel road on the side of a mountain, as the description indicates. I scrambled up the boulders to the top, then took the side trail down.

    2:15 hours
    3.5 miles

    Sarah Rushing reviewed Claytor Lake Area Trails

    4 months ago

    Nice state park with well-marked trails. I completed a mix of Claytor Lake Trail and Hidden Valley Trail for a 2.75 mile hike. Claytor Lake Trail was nice, with views of the lake, but Hidden Valley Trail was a little less enjoyable (it borders private property, crosses a couple of roads, and some areas had some trash and debris). That being said, the park is certainly still worth a visit. I'm looking forward to checking out some of the hiking on the south eastern side of the park next time. $7 to park.

    Sarah Rushing completed The National Mall

    4 months ago