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    1 month ago

    One of the best hikes I’ve ever been on in Tahoe! Amazing views all the way up, in late October the most BEAUTIFUL fall colors. Definitely constant incline that will get your heart rate up but nothing unreasonable! Loved every second of it and the views at the vista at the top are stunning! Great dog trail too. I went on a Thursday and it was moderately busy near the bottom - I imagine it’s insane on weekends!

    1 month ago

    Definitely recommend keeping your GPS open but great hike. Lake Ella is beautiful and I second the recommendation to take Erika’s trail back. Very pretty and change of scenery. Good for dogs, no one else on the trail on a Saturday afternoon.

    2 months ago

    Great trail for dogs - some uphill elevation climbs but mostly flat. Beautiful alpine forest and meadows. Freeway noise drops off after the first mile when the trail changes direction.

    4 months ago

    Awesome hike. Moderate (most elevation climb is in first half) and once you get to the lakes, so many options to explore other trails (PCT). We went at 7am on a Sunday morning and didn’t see a soul till we hit the lakes, where we saw 2 tents and a hammock camper. No mosquitos at all and we sat in the water for a good 30 minutes. Biggest lake is definitely the only one you could feasibly swim in - the others are very stagnant, shallow and murky. We continued on to join up with the PCT for a bit and then came back to get more mileage in. On the way back down, it was about 11am when we started the descent, the trail was PACKED with people coming up. Definitely don’t plan to start this hike after 9am I would say if you enjoy your space and solitude. Most of the people coming up were city slickers/tourists.

    8 months ago

    Wow. This hike Is now in my top five in Reno. I have hiked almost every other trail, and this one was the most challenging, with the best views hands down!. I went on a weekday around 1 o’clock and there was virtually no one else on the trail with me and my dog. Wide set trail with changes in terrain and up hill almost all the way. The view even just 3 miles in of the whole city of Reno is jaw dropping. I can’t wait to come back and hike the full thing - will definitely be an accomplishment.
    This is NOT the hunter creek trail, nowhere near it (this one is up past scolaris), and the directions take you right to the trail head. I would definitely keep the map open as you’re going the first couple Of miles if you want to follow the main trail. There are a lot of off shoots and you can lose the main trail easily without looking at the map.
    Highly recommend this for a good workout!

    Is this a hike? No. Is it a beautiful walking trail through the backyards of Alpine mansions with an awesome view of the mountains? Yes. Good for dogs, not too much snow considering the trails at higher elevations are covered right now. Really beautiful suburban walk.

    This is a good trail, a little muddy since the recent snow and rain. Don’t be deterred by the no trespassing signs - I think they’re old and no one in sight. My dog and I got about an hour in and came upon what was assuredly a mountain lions hunting grounds. Multiple carcasses of large hooved animals ripped apart across the trail. Needless to say we turned back. But enjoyable till then!

    8 months ago

    This walking trail is really great for dogs. It’s flat and wide and no barbed wire fencing to be seen anywhere around it. It definitely gets you away from the sound of traffic and into nature. The trail is no longer flooded and is actually very dry despite the recent rain and snow. I only saw one other gentleman on the trail with his dogs. It does run next to a railroad with active trains for quite a ways. Really awesome walk!

    Really nice walking trails, conveniently located. Beautiful view at the top of the lookout and loved the smell of horses throughout. Not a hike!

    Great walk with amazing views. I wouldn’t call it a hike. It’s a circular gravel path. My dog loved it. Only gave it 4 stars because you can’t really escape the street noise and a lot of the views are industrial.

    Snowed over right now! Can’t hike it unless you have snow shoes!

    10 months ago

    I went back to try the trail again and managed to find the bridge. Take the very narrow steep trail that goes up to the left and follow it along the creek until you find a metal bridge that crosses over it. It will be on your right a ways up the creek. Once you cross the creek, which is flowing very heavily right now, it’s an absolutely gorgeous hike

    11 months ago

    The trailhead is very hard to find. We parked at Mayberry Park and made the mistake of going left when you’re facing the river. We walked all the way through a neighborhood to a bridge, only to realize it was the wrong bridge. We had to turn around and go all the way back and to the right when you’re facing the river instead. We found the correct bridge on the trail head that way. But there are zero signs indicating where the trail is or even if there is a trail. They should really work on putting up some signs.

    11 months ago

    This trail looks awesome however when I tried to go today, the creek was rushing way too hard and too wide to cross. There were planks and rocks that made somewhat of a bridge but it was so icy we couldn’t get across. It’s a bummer because I was excited to go on this one. I will try again in the summer