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    sara kuper Pro-red@3x

    Denver, Colorado 

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    sara kuper saved Picture Lake Path

    3 days ago

    sara kuper saved Dock Butte Trail

    3 days ago

    sara kuper reviewed Badger Valley to Grand Lake and Grand Pass Loop

    3 days ago

    Aug 2019: My partner and I hiked this as a day trip going clockwise (left at the trailhead) as we began our decent for the next 3 miles. The decent was long and rough on the knees. Kept wondering when we would reach the bottom. The trail is pretty because nature is pretty but it didn’t seem worth the effort. Eventually we made it to Grand Lake (~4.5 miles in) which again is pretty of course but honestly nothing special. So we begin our daunting ascent which projected 2.5 miles of seriously steep grade. I’m a moderate hiker and I had to stop every .1 miles during this part. Eventually we reached 7 miles; the steepest climb was behind us and finally the views were gorgeous. The last 1.6 miles of the hike (or first 1.6 miles of you go right at the trailhead/ counter clockwise) were absolutely beautiful. I felt that the last part was totally worth seeing but without doing that entire trail. Honestly, the best views are pretty much on the drive to and at the trailhead other than that 1.6 mile stretch. Last thing, this is certainly not a moderate hike and is definitely a difficult one. I would not recommend this for a day hike.

    sara kuper saved Maple Pass Trail

    4 days ago

    sara kuper saved Mount Storm King

    6 days ago

    sara kuper reviewed Skyline Trail

    6 days ago

    Please don’t feed any wildlife!! The saying “a fed animal is a dead animal” is a saying for a reason.
    Anyway, this is the definition of a 5-star trail! So much beauty the entire way through. Between the wild flowers, mountain peeks, marmots, and black bears, it’s really just an incredible hike. We went clockwise and thought the views were excellent the entire way. I also don’t think counterclockwise is any easier like others mentioned, but to each their own! It took us 3.5 hours and we are moderate hikers. Definitely go early to avoid crowds, parking, and the heat of the day. We started at 8:15 on a Sunday. What an amazing day!!!

    sara kuper completed Skyline Trail

    7 days ago

    sara kuper saved Skyline Trail

    9 days ago

    sara kuper saved Zigzag Canyon Trail

    16 days ago

    sara kuper saved Burnt Lake Trail

    17 days ago

    sara kuper saved Ramona Falls Trail

    17 days ago

    sara kuper saved Wizard Island Trail

    18 days ago

    sara kuper saved Garfield Peak Trail

    18 days ago

    sara kuper reviewed Vernal and Nevada Falls via the Mist Trail

    23 days ago

    The hike to vernal falls was really special when comparing the two. We started at 7:30AM on a Wednesday and it was still very crowded at this time. By the time we got down mid day the trail was swamped with people who had no idea what they were getting themselves into. The reality is the crowdedness ruined the hike for me a bit. If you’re serious about hiking this might not be the best choice for you

    sara kuper completed Wawona Meadow Loop Trail

    23 days ago