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    3 months ago

    This was the most poorly maintained and marked trail I've probably ever been on. I hiked it with two others, we had a map, I hike a lot, and we got lost a ton. Maybe it would be easier to stay on the trail in the summer and spring when leaves aren't covering the ground. It was well-marked in some places, but in other places, we could not find the triangle blazes to save our life. If I had attempted the trail on my own, I would have had to turn back after a few miles due to not knowing where to go. There were TONS of huge trees down blocking the trail, which required hiking off-trail through thick brambles and other brush. It didn't seem like the trail had been maintained in years, in my opinion. They also lock the gate to the trailhead parking area at 4:30, so make sure you start early. It took our group 6 hours and 42 minutes and we were hiking fairly fast...It probably would have taken 6 hours if we hadn't gotten lost and felt like we were hiking "off-trail" for a majority of the trail. It was definitely a good work-out and challenge though. The trail should be rated "difficult" on AllTrails, not moderate, and it's 13.75 miles in length. We took the trail counter-clockwise.