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    Sally Pisano #mimi_getsfit reviewed Government Springs 95A

    4 months ago

    Very pretty hike, not difficult at all . The trail was hit or miss in spots but if you stay close to the river you’ll be fine.

    Sally Pisano #mimi_getsfit reviewed Picketpost Mountain Trail

    9 months ago

    My husband and I are nearly 51 and work out and hike every week. This was tough but so worth the minor scrapes and bruises. The trail markers are hit or miss so run your alltrails gps at the trailhead (this saved us a few times today). Coming down is slippery in the gravel so have good hiking shoes and pay attention. It took us about 3.5 hours going up and we spent about an hour at the top to eat and about 3 to get down. Have plenty of water and food or snacks.

    Sally Pisano #mimi_getsfit reviewed Massacre Grounds Trail

    over 1 year ago

    Great MODERATE 6.2 mile hike with beautiful views! The trail is rocky and has some nice little inclines. We got off trail once or twice where someone put Cairns on a wrong path but luckily I was running my Alltrails app which got us back on track quickly. The water was nearly dried up but I was grateful to see a little waterfall. Next year I'll go in February! The flower patches were very pretty as well. Enjoy!

    Sally Pisano #mimi_getsfit reviewed Treasure Loop Trail

    over 1 year ago

    Great little hike with beautiful views!!