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    Saar Harel reviewed Mission Peak Loop from Stanford Avenue Staging Area

    about 1 month ago

    Per person you need 3 liters of water to do this trail.
    For parking, you can do the parking at the start of the trail. I got lucky twice.
    You can also park on Vineyard Avenue, this adds up a little bit more of a hike but beats going to Ohlone.

    If you take Peak Meadow trail it is nicer, the trail is less wide and less people. In some spots there is shade. Basically where you see the river in the map is where you have shade and can stop for a little picnic or a break.

    I usually do this trail all the way to mission peak.
    Then if I am tired of lazy I do the hidden valley back
    if I am in no hurry I take the peak meadow route back.
    Hidden valley as others mention has no shade but is faster.

    There is a stretch at horses heaven trail which is very steep, this is easy going up but is tricky going down. If you are not comfortable with steep downhill. I'd bring a walking stick or poles
    and make sure your shoes can catch the track
    one time I brought flat-ish shoes and that was a disaster.


    Saar Harel reviewed Deer Gulch Trail via Cliff Trail

    3 months ago

    I did the cliff trail to deer gulch and then took a left to the 0.4 mile trail.
    In general there is no parking and no entrance at the spot listed here. You need to drive to the start which is Morrison Canyon rd.
    There is space for maybe 4 cars there.

    The cows are fine, I saw lots of shit but they hide under the trees when it is sunny.
    The trail is 95% sun and 5% shade.
    I had 2 -3 bicycles in a hurry, I am sure there are more on weekends.

    All in all it was ok. I took my kid in a baby bjorn. It was more of an exercise due to the high steep incline than a joy.
    The heat was also oppressive even at 3-4PM .
    The view is nice though.

    Have fun.

    Saar Harel reviewed John S Brooks Memorial Trail

    10 months ago

    A lot of bicycles so stick to the right.
    A lot of dog owners, some leave their dogs with no leash so pick up your child when one comes.
    Muddy after rains so bring decent shoes or boots but fine after a few hours as it slopes a lot.
    The lake in the middle "water dog lake" is lame.

    Pretty easy trail, middle of the city, 5 minutes from home so can't complain.
    It goes either up or down so not a flat route.

    Saar Harel completed John S Brooks Memorial Trail

    10 months ago

    Saar Harel reviewed Iverson and Sequoia Nature Loop Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Did this with my son in the backpack half the way and walking the other.
    I saw 5 people in total so not a lot of traffic for 3 hours.
    The footing is unstable due to all the leaves so bring shoes with grooves.
    Shaded all the way and got cold, I put his sweater on.
    I deducted one star as they were running some infernal machine near the HQ which ruined half my hike till they shut it down additionally the Iverson cabin is not a cabin but a place where the cabin once was and next to it are some hideous falling apart ranger housing? which is ultra-lame they should fix them and not run machinery on the day of the Lord.

    Other than that I'd say, this is an excellent trail for quiet walking especially when it is hot in the bay.
    $10 entrance fee, cash using envelope

    Saar Harel reviewed Crystal Springs & Dean Trails

    about 1 year ago

    $8 entrance.
    A lot of picnic tables with grills.
    Children playground{small}.
    We hiked a 1/4 of the trail {toddler}.
    It was mainly shaded with the trees.
    All in all, great hike and not busy even on Sat in summer.

    Saar Harel completed Crystal Springs & Dean Trails

    about 1 year ago

    Saar Harel reviewed North Ridge Trail

    over 1 year ago

    I did the North Ridge Trail.
    I carry my son in a carrier.
    He is 3+ so heavy.

    The course goes downhill mainly and then a little uphill and downhill at the end.
    I found some of the downhills quite steep for me with a backpack {child carrier}. I would recommend bringing a walking stick to help balance.

    I deducted one star since the end of the trail has no tables or view and is just a tiny clearing. This made our picnic a little dull.
    Other than that it was an excellent hike I'd say moderate to difficult with a child carrier.
    If you are just hiking, probably moderate since it is hardly ever flat.

    Saar Harel completed North Ridge Trail

    over 1 year ago