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    Member Since April 2019

    Ryan Smith

    Sevierville, Tennessee 

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    Ryan Smith reviewed Atlas Loop

    about 1 month ago

    its advanced for xc riding maybe. My stumpy 29 fsr trail bike makes it feel easy. couple easy rock sections and small jumps, all avoidable. its intermediate at best imo. fun trail though, no hard climbs. thats nice.

    Ryan Smith completed Atlas Loop

    about 1 month ago

    Ryan Smith reviewed Rainbow Lake and Bee Branch Trail Loop

    about 1 month ago

    The run to the lake from the parkinglot down rainbow lake trail is actually one of the best downhill rides in town. Ive made bee branch trail (blue) rideable as a more technical and more difficult but not as fast way to the lake. the swinging bridge at the lake is damaged, so be careful. i recommend not riding these trails unless you are expert level and very hiker respectful. some short areas of bee branch are still a small hike a bike for me after 20 years but they are totally do able. hidden lines exist for the even more daring. The damn is a spectacle as are the swinging bridges.

    Ryan Smith completed Stringers Ridge via Blue Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Ryan Smith reviewed Stringers Ridge via Blue Trail

    about 1 month ago

    everyone, enter from the spears st parking lot!!!! anyways, trails are easy to ride, smooth, rare root sections that are mellow. can ride with a road bike frankly. but the climbing is harsh. Ill never be able to ride up any of the long hills in hill city without stopping. Also its so crowded that you can NEVER get a clean run down a hill... frustrating. and the most frustrating thing is that the pump track and few jumps that used to exist are completely eroded to nothing. i really hope they atleast repair the pump track... i mean, come on.

    Ryan Smith reviewed White Oak Mountain Trails

    about 1 month ago

    these trails are awesome. and expanding, and there's more than meets the eye. i have a 26 v10 dh bike and a 29 trail bike and this place has enough variety to have fun on either.

    Ryan Smith completed White Oak Mountain Trails

    about 1 month ago