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    Ryan McCarthy reviewed Gorge Trail - Out and Back

    4 months ago


    ...I learned that the hard way.

    Okay, so I made a huge mistake and ended up getting bucked off an open trail and onto a closed trail. Upon arrival, I noticed the Gorge Trail closure was clearly posted. So I took off on the Finger Lakes trail instead, hoping to catch some good Top-Down views of Lucifer falls.

    Well folks, I ended up missing a trail marker, headed off down a deer path and wound up on the Gorge Trail. I was stopped maybe an hour later by a state trooper who had been monitoring trail traffic. I received a citation and was escorted out of the park.

    Please keep an eye out for trail markers if you're here off season.

    I thought a citation was a little harsh especially as there were other hikers out on the Finger Lakes Trail and the Rim Trail. Since I wasn't from the local area, I had assumed since I saw other hikers that I was in fact, on the OPEN Finger Lakes trail. Unfortunately for me I must not have navigated a junction properly and it cost me.

    tl;dr - watch where you're going here. if the trail is closed, they do not post markers at every junction, but only at the trail heads.

    Enjoy the pictures I took though! They only cost me ~$500 in fines :)

    Ryan McCarthy updated Ramapo Lake Long Loop

    4 months ago

    Ryan McCarthy reviewed Bear Mountain Loop Trail

    4 months ago

    Decent trail, but it's not a real hike. More of a walking trail. Lots of stairs and very close to the Bear Mountain resort. So if you prefer hiking in more remote areas then feel free to skip this one. That said, the view from the peak is decent. Just don't be a cheater and drive to the peak. Hike to the peak. This is All Trails. Not All Roads.

    Ryan McCarthy completed Mount Beacon Trail

    7 months ago

    Ryan McCarthy reviewed Anthony's Nose via Appalachian Trail

    7 months ago

    This is a great hike. If you start at the Camp Smith Toll House and hike North, you'll cover ~5 miles by the time you reach the junction at the AT. Great views, but you'll catch crowds at the Nose because it's a popular destination. Some of the "quieter" views can be taken in south of the Nose (closer to Camp Smith).

    Ryan McCarthy added New Jersey

    7 months ago

    Ryan McCarthy reviewed Mount Beacon Trail

    8 months ago

    Did this loop backwards intentionally. Started heading north and then looped back south to reach the fire tower and casino ruins.

    This was an 8 mile hike.

    The waterfall was a sight first thing in the morning. The panorama shot looking south toward the fire tower was a heck of a vista as well.

    The fire tower and the casino ruins themselves were a bit unremarkable if I’m being honest.

    The crowds of day-trippers roaming around the Beacon overlook made me feel out of place after spending the previous 7 hours immersed in nature.

    Call me a purist, but it was too much juxtaposition for me.

    Anyways, I recommend 7 out of 10.

    Ryan McCarthy added Hudson Valley

    8 months ago

    Ryan McCarthy reviewed Bull Hill (Mt. Taurus) II: Extended Cornish Loop

    8 months ago

    Try to get here at golden hour (either an hour after sunrise/ an hour before sunset). It's difficult not to stop every 5 minutes to take advantage of the photo opportunities. But remember - put your phone down and enjoy your time in nature!