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    Ryan Marshall reviewed Indian Head and Rainbow Falls

    6 months ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed this hike. Anyone who chooses to travel this trail is rewarded with an iconic and stunning view from Indian Head. The portion of this trail which follows the road is naturally quite easy to traverse. The portion of this trail which branches off the road up Gill Brook is not particular difficult, but there are sections which require a bit of a scramble. Children may struggle with the previously mentioned portion, but with enough determination and thoughtfulness almost anyone can enjoy this hike. I believe this hike took me approximately 5 hours to complete, including perhaps a half hour laze at the overlook. Happy hiking!

    Ryan Marshall reviewed Ampersand Mountain Trail

    6 months ago

    I greatly enjoyed this hike, though I have only reached the summit of a few other mountains in the ADK, this was perhaps my favorite due to the amazing view. I did find the hike moderately challenging, though the trail was well maintained and I appreciated many stones having been moved to form "stairs" along the steep portion. If you are willing to put a moderate effort in to this hike and allow for a few rests along the way, you will almost certainly enjoy this hike. I believe that this hike took me about 4 hours to complete, including a 30 minute laze at the summit. Happy Hiking!