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    Member Since June 2019

    Russ Lemay Pro-red@3x

    Raymond, New Hampshire 

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    Russ Lemay updated Salt Lick - Broken Boulder Loop

    3 months ago

    Russ Lemay reviewed FOMBA Trails- Lady Slipper, Deer Run, Moose Tracks, and Fisher Cat Loop Trails

    3 months ago

    Due to extensive logging FOMBA trails in this area consist of fire roads and snow mobile trails. There are only remnants of single track MTB trails left. The maps showing available MTB trails on the website for FOMBA and AllTrails are inaccurate.

    Russ Lemay reviewed Tucker and French Family Forest Loop

    3 months ago

    Great beginner MTB riding!
    From the Rte 107 trailhead when you go in and stay right for a bit you'll run in to a oak tree across the trail and you will have to pick up your bike to cross.

    Other than that it's fun riding.