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    Rudy Valdez Pro-red@3x

    Norfolk, Virginia 

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    Rudy Valdez reviewed White Oak Canyon Trail

    5 days ago

    I hiked this trail all the way to the other end parking lot. Most of the trail did not allow camping so I had to camp at the other end and hike back the next day. Other than that it was a great hike....hard but I really like hiking next to a creek and constant water source. I could drink all the water I wanted and cool off in the water as well. There were a few good swimming holes but I wasn’t sure how to use the app so didn’t mark the spots. The hike was tough. Steep and long down and up hill. If they lift the no camping restrictions I’d hike it again.

    Rudy Valdez reviewed Brown Rocky Mountain Trail

    6 days ago

    I did this trail counter clockwise because down hill is harder on me, and it was the right move. A few nice views on the way down, but no water access until you get to the bottom. Found a cool campsite next to the creek and had a nice evening. No bears or snakes sighted. The trip back up would have been nice except for the numerous creek crossings that I had to wade across. Some were mid shin deep so shoes were soaked. That wasn’t too bad, but the bugs, mainly the no-see-ums! There were some mosquitoes but I just pulled my buff down to cover my ears and sprayed down my arms and legs and was fine. There must have been 2 billion noseeums, and they all wanted to get in my eyes! Ruined the hike out for me. Constantly swatting at them. I put my sunglasses on to at least keep them out of my eyes but it made the going tough as there was a lot of shade. The trail was overgrown on both the decent and accent and my legs got brutalized by the stinging nettles. Near the top there was a park ranger/trail maintenance guy who said it’s really tough to keep this trail groomed. I won’t do this hike again.

    Rudy Valdez saved Brown Rocky Mountain Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Rudy Valdez saved Jeremy's Run Trail

    about 1 month ago