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    Member Since August 2019

    Rubab Ahmed

    Greater Manchester, England 

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    Rubab Ahmed completed Kelowna Waterfront Trail

    13 days ago

    Rubab Ahmed reviewed The Bolin Valley Way

    13 days ago

    Worked out 9.4km. Took us about 2.5 hours

    At first in the first half of it, we couldn’t find the path and a lot of the signs saying it was a walking route were leading us to private protest or muddy fields. So we spent a bit of time on the side of people’s homes..

    Once we got on trail it was very nice. Especially the mill (the playground and a few other areas were closed due to recent flooding). There’s a garden too and waterfall.

    When we were two thirds of the way, the trail lead us to styal village and we realised we were on the Styal and Airport trail. The rest of the hike was on that trail. (A little annoying because we’ve done that hike before so a bit bored) but if you want to do a shorter version of this hike just go on that trail

    It’s not very busy, we went 5pm on a Sunday and there were only a few people in some areas.

    It’s fairly easy walk, kids could probably do it if they don’t mind the distance.

    Great especially if you’re a national trust member as you can visit the garden and apprentice house.

    Rubab Ahmed completed The Bolin Valley Way

    13 days ago