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    Rosie Mabelle reviewed Mount Saint Helens Summit via Ptarmigan Trail

    16 days ago

    This was the best hike!! We had an incredibly clear day, sunshine all the time with crazy views. Took us 5 hours up and 5 hours down (we didn't rush down, this can definitely be done faster but we took our sweet time).
    We went late October and there was quite some snow, so light crampons or some sort of traction is really helpful. We also had gaiters which helped, but I'm sure people will argue you don't necessarily need it. However, it's a hard hike and whatever helps, right? Totally worth every step though!

    Rosie Mabelle reviewed Harrys Ridge Trail

    16 days ago

    Rosie Mabelle completed Harrys Ridge Trail

    16 days ago

    Rosie Mabelle added Hiked Trails

    16 days ago

    Rosie Mabelle reviewed Wonderland Trail to Panhandle Gap

    4 months ago

    Good amount snow on the last bit on top, poles are extremely helpful. There were a few people on the trail, mostly at the camp however we started earlier and had an overall 'quiet' hike. The view from the very top is worth the entire hike up. We started at 8:30 and it took as about 3.5 hours to the top. It was one of the best hikes I've done so far.