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    Rory Miller reviewed Elizabeth Lake Trail

    1 day ago

    nice trail similar to the cathedral lakes but more secluded as you have to through the Tuolumne campground to access. cool lake with views of some great mountain views.

    Rory Miller reviewed Cathedral Lakes Trail

    1 day ago

    fun hike for the day. steep somewhat in beginning (nothing to terrible) then evens out more after that 1st mile. great views on way up and at the lake, trail run into snow (even in august) pretty cool. The lake (if brave the cold water) is easy to take a dip as the granite rock gos right to the water edge no mud or anything.

    Rory Miller completed Elizabeth Lake Trail

    1 day ago

    Rory Miller completed Cathedral Lakes Trail

    10 days ago

    Rory Miller reviewed South Kaibab, Phantom Ranch, and Bright Angel Trail Loop

    15 days ago

    This is absolutely amazing trail, we just completed on Aug 4 with a night over at phantom ranch, it was quite an amazing experience for me the largest struggle was the heat... it is VERY VERY HOT this time of year, really run though alot of water, def don't do the reverse the South Kaibab has no water access. I would not recommend this as a day hike this time of year. The South Kaibab is a much more challenging trail, I actually found going down this trail was harder than coming up the bright angle. Amazing 360 views of the on the South Kaibab, and beautiful oasis's and canyons on bright angel.

    phantom ranch is a pretty cool place to check out and take a cool dip in the bright angel creek.

    also many people who are talking on this hike did not go to phantom ranch instead made a cut prior to crossing the Colorado, which would shorten their hike by 3 miles. phantom ranch does add about 1.5 each way.

    Rory Miller reviewed Zion Narrows Trail to Imlay Temple and Big Spring

    15 days ago

    beautiful trail. absolutely amazing.

    Rory Miller saved The Subway Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Rory Miller added possible hikes

    3 months ago

    Rory Miller reviewed Grinnell Overlook via Granite Park

    4 months ago

    absolutely stunning. It is a very challenging trail, especially the garden wall, worth every minute.