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    Member Since August 2016

    Roger Middleton Pro-red@3x

    Plymouth, Devon, England 

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    Roger Middleton reviewed Chalet Resciesa to Mount Resciesa Loop

    11 days ago

    It's difficult to have a bad day out amongst this scenery. Having studied the route we elected to do the circuit anticlockwise to get the big descent and climb out the way early. This was a good call!

    Having climbed 2700ft on the funicular, it was soul destroying to then descend 1100ft steeply, but the climb was much easier, less steep than the descent, and better under foot. Once above the tree line the views were spectacular, and the going easy, and it was nice to have the climb behind us.

    The final views from the summit of Resciesa were stunning in every direction and we'll worth the effort.

    There would be some merit in starting the route clockwise, and then when you get to the furthest easterly point, return the same way and drop down to the funicular at the end. The views in each direction are fantastic, and you lose the views as you start to descend into the trees. Also you would miss a very steep 1100ft climb back to the funicular at the end of the hike. This would maybe reduce the length to 8 miles with about 700ft of climb and descent.

    Roger Middleton added Venice

    22 days ago

    Roger Middleton reviewed Rame Head Peninsula Circular Walk

    29 days ago

    Lovely hike, but then there are no bad ones in this area!

    Roger Middleton followed Catherine Mills

    about 1 month ago

    Roger Middleton added Dolomites

    about 1 month ago

    Roger Middleton completed June Lake Loop Trail

    3 months ago

    Roger Middleton reviewed June Lake Loop Trail

    3 months ago

    Lovely loop trail, completely snow free in last week of June. The first half is along a good trail through the forest, with excellent views across the lakes which disappear later. At the top of the loop the trail becomes the unmade access road to the ski lift, and I can understand why some hikers prefer to return the same way. However, the second half of the loop gives open views across June Lake to Mono Lake which are not seen from other parts of the route, and it would be a shame to miss these.

    The junction to the right halfway down is not obvious, even when using GPS, and I suspect was just a random turn to cut off the corner in the main track. We continued down the track to the road, which does at least provide the opportunity for beer or ice cream, or whatever other poison you choose! This amended route comes to 5.5 miles, and 1,365 ft of climb and descent.

    Roger Middleton reviewed Sherwin Lakes Trail

    3 months ago

    Graded moderate because if the 900ft of climb, nevertheless, as 900ft climbs go, this was an easy one. Always good under foot, and never very steep. The final walk up to the lakes is level, more or less, and makes a very nice lunch spot. 100% clear of snow in 4th week of June.

    Roger Middleton completed Sherwin Lakes Trail

    3 months ago

    Roger Middleton added Mammoth hikes

    3 months ago