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    robert hone

    Cathedral City, California 

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    robert hone reviewed Skyline Trail: Cactus to Clouds

    7 days ago

    We live in PSP so we are quite familiar with this trail. I really don't get why anyone would start this hike in the dark as its really not that hard to start at 6:00am and hit the ranger station by 1:00 pm leaving plenty of time to round trip Mt San J. We prefer to do the Museum to Tram Station part, hit the bar for a martini, and head down, all doable in broad daylight. Expect a good workout from the Museum or Ramon Rd to 4300, and long traverse to the base of the main ridge, and a slow grind up to the notch. April and May by far the best months to do this.

    robert hone reviewed Araby Trail

    13 days ago

    park in the Araby Wash, walk down to foot of Rimcrest and go up Araby to the cairn. Drop down to the left of the cairn on Berns trail to the dry river bed and back up to the high cairn. From the high cairn drop down to the west 300 yrds and then head back down into the wash on the spectacular Shannon trail. At the base of Shannon is the sign on Earl Henderson. Head right down to the wash and the old stone houses and hoof it back to your car. Best loop hike in Palm Springs

    robert hone completed Araby Trail

    13 days ago

    robert hone reviewed Clara Burgess Trail to Murray Hill

    13 days ago

    easy hike up Shannon, down to Wildhorse, and then briefly vertical up the ridge to a long circular traverse to Murray. Figure on 4 to 5 hours round trip. 2 bottles enough water.