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    Robert Farkas reviewed Scuppernong Nature Trail

    4 months ago

    I hiked the blue trail on 4/25/17.
    Nice rolling trail through pine forest.
    I gave it a three because of the ignorant people with dogs. Even before I hit the trail there were two couples with dogs in the parking lot and only one was on a lead. Evidence of dogs was left on the trail by lazy owner and I know the difference between wild animal crap and domestic.
    Saw dogs off the lead on the trail and upon my return to the parking lot.
    Blue is five miles. Trail head has clean restroom pit toilets .

    Robert Farkas reviewed John Muir Blue Loop Trail

    4 months ago

    Hiked the Blue trail on about April 17th.
    because hikers hike opposite direction of bikes the marking is more for the bikes than hikers. poor in the beginning but better at end. this app helps greatly on poorly marked trsils.
    lots of bikes but most are decent to share trsil.
    lots of good hills and switchbacks.
    Did 12 miles.
    Good facilities at trail head.

    Robert Farkas reviewed Nordic Trail

    4 months ago

    Hiked the Blue until Marker 7 then followed Green, didtsnve of 7.5 miles. Wide trail. clear and large plantation pine setting. Plenty of long sloping hills for a total gain of 800 feet in the 7.5 miles.
    We'll marked.
    Trail head with plenty of parking, clean to let's. water and picnic tables.

    Robert Farkas completed Nordic Trail

    4 months ago

    Robert Farkas reviewed Emma Carlin Hiking Trail

    4 months ago

    Good trail and shared with bikes going in counter clockwise direction. Orange loop is easiest to follow. Signage is the same for both bikes and hikers. can be confusing first time out.
    lots of hills and switchbacks. I like the trail as I'm preparing to hike the Inca trails in Peru. I wear a training altitude mask so if you see an old guy with a shaved head out there wearing a mask don't panic.