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I guess it's about time I put something here...

First, let me just say "Hi!" to the three people who followed me. I'm not sure why someone decided I was worth following, but more power to you three.

To put in things that actually matter, hiking has probably saved my life.

I pretty much primarily hike hard trails. I've used the Volunteer Trail to train stamina, and to help my back when I was having issues (See December 2017). My favorite hike, hell, I don't know that I have one. I like the Gizzard up to Raven Point, but it gets boring finishing the rest of the trail, be it Dog Hole or continuing to do the entire trail. Collins/Stagecoach is probably the one I like the scenery on the most. I enjoyed climbing Mt. LeConte. Beautiful view up top (pics in my profile).

Probably the hardest, and most fun thing I've done is Possum Creek. The first time I went out there, I found out how not ready I was. I still made it pretty far. The second time, well... The second time I went out with a new pair of hiking shoes and uh, it went poorly. The shoes ended up being way too small, and I got a blister on my heel, then burnt through that, then kept going until I hit a color that was eerily similar to a plum. I just looked at a color wheel, and the closest color is probably magenta. Yes, I know that's a bit much on the description, but it took me off the trail for two weeks, so you're hearing about it.

And now, the third time. The third time I didn't lose my way when the blazes dropped out. I had the right shoes. I ate some oatmeal right before I started the trail, and I got there early.

I completed it as an out and back, in 1 day. I will be going back soon to attempt to better my previous time. Stay tuned, I guess.

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