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    Rob Schertzer reviewed Mount Seymour Trail

    29 days ago

    Just a heads up regarding trail conditions based on hiking there Sunday November 18, 2018. The trail is icy in sections and dangerous unless wearing Yacktracks or similar spikes; poles also recommended but not necessary.

    The trail was crowded including many people in running shoes and lacking any additional layers of clothing. In addition, although leash is required at all times on dogs, only 1 dog out of at least 100 on the trail was on a leash including aggressive dogs with ignorant owners.

    Also take note that the trail is poorly marked and it's easy to get lost. Cell service is spotty and GPS apps don't show the trails properly likely because of the lack of proper blazes at key points.

    Aside from the warnings, this is a challenging trail and is rewarding. Allow yourself enough time, pack food, water and extra layers, wear spikes, consider poles, watch out for dogs and enjoy!

    Rob Schertzer completed Mount Seymour Trail

    29 days ago

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