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    Hikes with a small dog reviewed Ribbon Creek Loop

    3 months ago

    On a real smokey day we looked for a shorter hike to stretch the legs but didn't want to spend a lot of time outdoors. This trail fit our needs nicely. The trail along Ribbon Creek is quite scenic with several bridges that cross the creek and minimal elevation gain. Kovach steadily climbs a hill and then descends back to the parking lot for an easy hike for the whole family. There are options to make the trip longer by taking some of the trail that come off Kovach but due to the smoke, that would have to wait for another day.

    Hikes with a small dog reviewed Ford Knoll Loop Trail

    3 months ago

    On another smokey day this summer we looked for a shorter hike to do just to get out and do something! This is a nice shorter loop (took us 1hr 45min) that has a couple nice viewpoints and isn't overly difficult to hike. We went counter clockwise. The climb from the bottom is steady and has a couple steeper sections but the view from the top is worth it. Near the summit there is a sign post. Go right at the post for 100m or so and take in the view. You can complete the short, steep summit loop or just go back and continue down the Ford Knoll trail. There's a second viewpoint about 1km down on your right and then another you can see from the trail a little further down. Stay left at all junctions and you're soon back where you started. On the way down, near the bottom there are a couple creek crossing where the dog could cool down and get a drink.

    Hikes with a small dog reviewed Mount Hoffman Trail

    4 months ago

    Our favourite new hike in the Sheep area. The views of the waterfall as you cross the bridge at the start and the views from the summit are amazing. It took us 3 hrs to hike this trail and there's a steep section 3/4 of the way up that challenged us but the views from the top are worth it! On the way back instead of turning left to go back on the main trail we went right for 100m and took a much needed break in a little stream that helped us and the dog cool off. After that we turned around and went back to the trailhead. I look forward to exploring more trails in this area but it's going to be tough to beat this one.

    Hikes with a small dog reviewed Lake Agnes Trail

    4 months ago

    Amazing views on a very, very busy trail. From the start at the chateau, to the view of lake louise from the first switchback, to the view of the big beehive from mirror lake to the views from lake Agnes at the summit, 5 star views are prevalent throughout this hike. The only drawback is the constant line of other hikers going up and down the trail. The grade isn't overly steep but is a constant uphill from the trailhead to the steps below the teahouse. If you only have time for one intermediate hike in Louise, this is the one to do...just be prepared for the crowds...

    Hikes with a small dog reviewed Long Prairie and Pine Ridge Loop Trail

    5 months ago

    On a muddy day after a morning rain and a wet couple of days before, we hiked this trail starting at the Information Centre and went clockwise. It's a relatively easy trail with only one short steep uphill section and the rest just rolls along. I would rate this as easy instead of the intermediate ranking it currently has. My only complaint of the trail is that there isn't much of a viewpoint on any part of it. Muddy conditions prevented us from exploring any of the other trials in this network but we will be back during drier conditions. There was only one other hiking group on the trail so we pretty much had it all to ourselves!

    Hikes with a small dog reviewed Ole Buck Loop

    6 months ago

    A great little 5km trail with options to do additional kms after the loop. From the parking lot we walked to the lake and kept right until we found the trail. Take a left soon after and that is the start of the trail. It was our first time on the trail and I used GPS which really helped us stay on trail with 3 or 4 intersections that could have got us lost. We did the loop clockwise and looked for the side trail that continues climbing upwards but couldn't find it. Trail was dry and in great condition.

    Hikes with a small dog completed Ole Buck Loop

    6 months ago

    Hikes with a small dog reviewed Elk Flats Trail

    6 months ago

    Starting at the parking lot for the Middle Lake trail, we kept right and then took a left onto Elk Flats, did the easy loop around Many Springs Trail, then walked along the Bow River Trail to Moraine to complete the 6.3km loop in about 2.5 hours. Mostly dry conditions for this relatively easy hike!

    Hikes with a small dog reviewed Brown Lowry Old Mill Loop

    7 months ago

    Did the loop last weekend and despite some wet/muddy stretches and a little bit of snow, the trail was all hikable. We went clockwise to leave the amazing viewpoint until the end. It took us just over 2hrs to do the loop. Didn't even know this park existed until I used this app!