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    Rob Dailey completed Stewart Falls Trail

    3 months ago

    Rob Dailey saved Stewart Falls Trail

    4 months ago

    Rob Dailey reviewed Lower Calf Creek Falls Trail

    5 months ago

    Best word to describe the falls is WOW! Beautiful area and the falls are amazing. Water is cool and refreshing. Shortish hike. Easy incline. Did this with the scouts. Going to take the fam down next. Be sure to grab a trail map guide to show you where the cool stuff along the hike are. Petroglyphs are not to be missed. Nice and shady for part of the hike and around the falls. Bring plenty of water or filter. Don't let the heat get the best of you.

    Rob Dailey reviewed Scout Falls via Mount Timpanogos Trail

    5 months ago

    So far my favorite hike this summer. I love American Fork Canyon. It's so pretty up there. Reminds of of western Washington where I grew up. We did this with our 4, 10, and 12 year olds. They did awesome. Great trail. 4 year old got carried a few times, but not too much. Scout falls is really pretty and flowing like crazy this time of year. Little hint, stay right even though it looks like you will be heading down away from the falls. It wraps around and is much easier to navigate. We went straight up and it was a little sketchy with the incline and loose rock.

    Rob Dailey reviewed Battle Creek Falls Trail

    5 months ago

    Great family day hike. Pretty short. Moderate incline. 4 year old did great. Lots of stops for him to climb the little side hills and slide down. Of course, throw some rocks in the water too. Will be doing this again when fam comes into town.

    Rob Dailey reviewed Horsetail Falls Trail

    5 months ago

    We did this as a day hike for the scouts to get ready for high adventure. Great hike. Beautiful views. Mostly shaded. Started around 6 PM and got back to the trailhead around 9:00 PM. Steady climb the whole way up. Would definitely do it again.

    Rob Dailey completed Horsetail Falls Trail

    5 months ago

    Rob Dailey completed Battle Creek Falls Trail

    5 months ago

    Rob Dailey saved Silver Lake Trail

    5 months ago