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    Member Since October 2018

    Rick Fenrich

    Mountain View, California 

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    Rick Fenrich reviewed Rainbow Falls via Devils Postpile Trail

    9 days ago

    Rainbow Falls at the end makes the hike worthwhile. Not much shade after Devil’s Postpile, but nice view of the mountains and lots of gooseberries this time of the year. A bit dusty and well travelled but overall enjoyable hike.

    Rick Fenrich added MKA

    29 days ago

    Rick Fenrich reviewed Mount Wittenberg, Sky, Woodward Valley, Coast, Bear Valley Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Did counter-clockwise and took Meadow Trail instead of Mount Wittenburg Trail, but otherwise the same. First half was enjoyable hiking with varied scenery, lots of blackberries and flowers. The Sky Trail segment was particularly scenic. Sculptured Beach was the most interesting for us with lots of rocky nooks to explore. The coastal hiking and last four miles back were easygoing but not especially interesting.

    Rick Fenrich reviewed Cluster Lakes Loop Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Did this as a two day backpacking trip with a stop at nearby Rainbow Lake for the night and a day hike to Cinder Cone. Beautiful alpine scenery and mirror-like lakes in the morning. Silver Lake is the only lake with a good view of Lassen Peak from lakeside. The Twin Lakes and Rainbow Lake seem to be most popular with backpackers. Large burned out sections between the PCT junction and Big Bear Lake, but plentiful in wildflowers. Bring a tent or mosquito netting. Will definitely be back.

    Rick Fenrich completed Cluster Lakes Loop Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Rick Fenrich reviewed Junction to Mount Diablo via Summit Trail

    2 months ago

    Very hot and fairly steep; not much in the way of scenery until you reach the last half of the summit. Good views at the top. Bring binoculars!

    Rick Fenrich reviewed Bay Area Ridge Trail: Boccardo Trail Corridor

    2 months ago

    We hiked this trail and added an extra segment venturing into Alum Rock Park. Excellent views at the top of Sierra Vista. Recommend starting early as there is almost no shade; you may also have the benefit of clearing clouds to add some grandeur to the landscape. Unfortunately, there is only one way (to my knowledge) to access Alum Rock Park from Sierra Vista; it would have been nice to do a full loop from the top of Sierra Vista travelling through Alum Rock Park and returning on Lower Calaveras Fault Trail, but alas this is inaccessible due to Private Property signs on the eastern edge of Alum Rock Park.

    Rick Fenrich reviewed Page Mill, Franciscan, Lost Creek Loop

    2 months ago

    Easy hike with a nice variety of meadows, forested area, and creek. We took a detour along the San Andreas Loop trail which added ~0.7 miles. Stopped at Los Trancos Creek to cool off our feet (water is cold!) along the Lost Creek Trail portion of the loop. Nice to see there is still running water in July. No scenic views on this trail, but plenty of interesting trees and ecosystem variety.