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    Member Since June 2019

    Richie Gunningham

    Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 

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    Richie Gunningham reviewed Danny On National Recreation Trail

    15 days ago

    My type of hike: Steep slog uphill, snack on wild huckleberries, grab a beer at the ski lodge at the top (I recommend Great Northern Brewing Co’s Huckleberry Lager to pair with the wild hucks) then grab the chairlift down. Recommend doing it late arvo in the summer to beat the heat. Last chairlift goes at 5.30pm

    Richie Gunningham reviewed Avalanche Lake via the Trail of the Cedars

    15 days ago

    Walk to the lake was ok, and then opens up to the beautiful lake. You can walk along the lakeside quite easily or take the internal track to get to the other side of the lake, but best views are nearest the entry to the lake. Didn’t see any wildlife.

    Richie Gunningham reviewed Grinnell Glacier Trail

    15 days ago

    The best hike we did in Glacier NP. Stunning views of Grinnell lake on the way up, past some waterfalls. The other comments emphasise the difficulty of the last .5 mile but it is only a short steep incline and the lake at the top is so worth it. Filled with icebergs at 9 August. Hilariously, there was a tourist who had jumped onto an iceberg and was drifting away, had to be rescued by some hikers who had rope. Sadly didn’t see moose or bears, but saw a grouse (?), marmot and deer. 5 stars!

    Richie Gunningham reviewed St. Mary and Virginia Falls Trail

    15 days ago

    Just did St. Mary’s falls because we started it quite late. The walk down is not amazing, but the falls itself are beautiful.

    Richie Gunningham reviewed Hidden Lake Trail

    15 days ago

    Beautiful hike. The best views are about 100m past the overlook, so even if you’re not going to the lake, go a bit further than the overlook. Of course the best track is down to the lake itself, where you have constant views of hidden lake.

    Richie Gunningham completed Hidden Lake Trail

    15 days ago

    Richie Gunningham reviewed Kootenai Falls Trail

    15 days ago

    Lovely short walk. Views from the top of the waterfall are the best.

    Richie Gunningham reviewed Sauer's Mountain

    19 days ago

    Great walk, and a good workout because it is fairly steep up. Beautiful views at the top of the mountain, and lovely conifer forest going down on the other side. Just be prepared for a narrow trail that is dusty when dry (decent hiking shoes recommended). Didn’t encounter any insects, but I see others did. Would recommend!

    Richie Gunningham completed Sauer's Mountain

    19 days ago