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    Member Since June 2017

    Rhonda Greco

    Arvada, Colorado 

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    Rhonda Greco reviewed North Ten Mile Creek Trail

    5 months ago

    Pretty trail but not enough snow right now. The trail was groomed so much that we had to take our snowshoes off and hike instead.

    Rhonda Greco reviewed Flatirons Vista Trail

    8 months ago

    Pretty views but so rocky, and the large number of inconsiderate people riding bikes ruined it for me. I’ll try a hiking only trail next time.

    Rhonda Greco completed Flatirons Vista Trail

    8 months ago

    Rhonda Greco reviewed Beaver Brook and Chavez Trail Loop

    9 months ago

    I would usually give this hike three stars because I don’t enjoy the Chavez trail. Today I took Beaver Brook to the bottom, spent time by the water with my pup, then went back the way I came. Still good incline and much more pleasant. If you’re like me and don’t enjoy boulder scrambling I recommend hiking the trail the way I did. I can’t wait to go on this trail next spring and early summer when there’s more water. Still totally worth it though!

    Rhonda Greco reviewed Beaver Brook and Chavez Trail Loop

    10 months ago

    I took this trail counter-clockwise which I’d never do again. Too much scrambling boulders downhill which was tricky. I suggest to take the beaver brook to Chavez rather than going via the Braille trail. Once down the brook is so pretty and made it worth the extra effort. Next time I’ll take beaver brook to the creek then go back the same way. Boulder scrambling isn’t my thing.

    Rhonda Greco saved Herman Gulch Trail

    11 months ago