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    Member Since March 2019

    Reya Tobias Pro-red@3x

    Portland, Oregon 

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    Reya Tobias reviewed Mount Sanitas via Lion's Lair and Mount Sanitas Trail Loop

    16 days ago

    Went counterclockwise- up Mount Sanitas and down Lion’s Lair and Sunshine Canyon. Best decision to go that route - good short but hard burn to the top, lots of stepping but a fun challenge. On the way down to the parking lot, I ran the trail, about 4 miles. Was so fun, not too steep and great for running even without trail running shoes (I was in Nike running). Definitely wear sunscreen and bring water, most of it is in the sun. I would recommend going in the morning

    Reya Tobias reviewed Royal Arch Trail

    16 days ago

    Such an awesome trail and great workout! Mostly stair stepping all the way up to the arch but it’s the perfect length for a leg burner and worth the views! Some shade, definitely bring water and sun screen. Highly recommend

    Reya Tobias completed Royal Arch Trail

    16 days ago

    Reya Tobias saved Dog Mountain Trail

    4 months ago

    Reya Tobias reviewed Coyote Wall Loop Trail

    5 months ago

    Beautiful hike with amazing views the whole way up. Good amount of elevation gain but doable for anyone with good hiking shoes. Hit some snow about 3 miles up and started to lose sight of the trail a little so turned around. Still made it most of the way up and loved the view. Had a dog and she did great on it.

    Reya Tobias completed Coyote Wall Loop Trail

    5 months ago

    Reya Tobias reviewed Post Canyon Seven Streams Trail

    5 months ago

    Very snow packed. Followed the road for a couple miles and missed the turn off for the trail. Still a beautiful walk with a good incline. Good for dogs and all levels. Would be lovely in the summer when the river is higher and it’s easier to walk the trail