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    Journey Is The Destination ! reviewed Timberman Trail to Squally Reach Viewpoint

    3 months ago

    Very pretty views of the fjords. Forested cover was lovely. Clearly marked trail. Highly recommend.

    Journey Is The Destination ! reviewed Rattlesnake Mountain Trail

    3 months ago

    This time the weather was really clear (9/7/18) and I was able to see Rainier and the valleys very well. Between miles 5 and 6. It was a pleasant surprise because every time I have hiked here it has been cloudy so I didn’t even know there was a view of Rainier. :-) Well, there is, and it’s magnificent. There is a lot of clear cutting at the top of the mountain, but that allows you to see some really great views.

    Today I continued down the trail to the Ledge then returned back the way I came. Including some extemporaneous exploration, I logged 18 miles and 4500 elevation gain.

    Great hike! Definitely recommend!

    Journey Is The Destination ! reviewed Little Si Trail

    4 months ago

    I went at 10 am on a Friday morning and it was uncomfortably packed. There were at least two scout groups of about ten to fifteen kids, and two adult groups of about ten each later up the trail. Not to mention the numerous single and double hikers. Because of the crowds the hike became unbearably slow and wasn’t tranquil. I guess I am a bit of a curmudgeonly hiker.

    Having said the above, Pros: pretty views, lovely foliage, usually nice weather during the summer. Cons: going very slowly due to getting stuck behind so many crowds, listening to lots of other people’s conversations, stopping often to let others pass the opposite direction, difficulty finding parking.

    I will say that this is a great hike for children because it has a fun payout for not too much effort. Just be sure to use the bathroom before you get to the trailhead because the bathrooms there are so gross.

    I hope you all have a better experience than I did. :-) Happy hiking!

    Journey Is The Destination ! reviewed Mount Si Trail

    4 months ago

    The tree cover is lovely, the views are breathtaking (if you don’t get caught in cloud cover) and the hike is a steady incline, with some harder switchbacks near the top. Only negative: it gets really packed with people.

    Journey Is The Destination ! reviewed Mount Si Old Trail

    4 months ago

    As everyone says, it is a tranquil, lush and beautiful, steep hike. It is a great workout! Hiked on an August, Friday morning. Started at 6am and headed down around 8:45. I was surprised that there were others coming up, but still very low traffic compared to the new Si trail.

    At the end of the hike I thought I would try Little Si but it was full of too many groups of people. That was around 10:30am. I went half way up then turned around.

    With my Little Si effort and an exploration jot at the top of the Haystack, I logged a little over 10 miles and over 3900 elevation gain.