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    Member Since August 2019

    Ray Sukeena Pro-red@3x

    Minersville, Pennsylvania 

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    Ray Sukeena reviewed McConkie Ranch Petroglyph Trail

    9 days ago

    kids loved it. Its great that the owner allows hikers on the property

    Ray Sukeena reviewed The Zion Narrows Riverside Walk

    17 days ago

    We walked the trail with my 9yr daughter and 11yr son.
    Got in line for shuttle at 715. i would not wait any later than that. The line was already long. Once at the narrows the crowd dispersed and was a nice walk. We walked in a bit over 3 miles when the kids got tired and we made our return. Coming back, the last mile was filled with people. the majority of those people were not hikers. Some may have a hard time walking through a parking lot so needless to say they were a mess on this walk. We scrambled through the last mile to get out of the circus. other than that last stretch through the crowd the hike was fantastic. Renting shoes is not necessary. We walked in old trail sneakers without issue. A walking stick or pole is very helpful.

    Ray Sukeena added arches

    24 days ago