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    Randall DiGiuseppe followed Emily Reardon

    3 days ago

    Randall DiGiuseppe followed Emily Reardon

    3 days ago

    Randall DiGiuseppe reviewed Hither Hills Trail

    23 days ago

    A variety of terrain, topography and scenery made this a terrific day hike with the wife and the dog. Some stellar views of LI Sound (with Connecticut & Rhode Island in the distance) from atop the rather abrupt bluff edges. Be sure to leash your dog and watch your step; some of these trails literally bottom out after years of exposure to the Northeast elements. We went when it was cold so tick activity was not a factor. But I can see it being as issue when the mercury rises. This 8 mile loop route was just what we needed. I'd definitely do it again.

    Randall DiGiuseppe reviewed Fire Island National Seashore: Otis Pike Wilderness Trail

    28 days ago

    This map is misleading and needs to be updated to account for the inlet caused by Hurricane (Superstorm?) Sandy in 2012. Prior to that, there was a time when you could hike from Fire Island ranger station at Smith Point to Watch Hill. Not anymore. This straight line hike ends 2 miles west of the ranger station. Stay close to the beach to avoid ticks. Lots and lots of ticks. And one piece of obvious advice: don't even try to cut across the new inlet.

    Randall DiGiuseppe reviewed Old Mine Railroad Trail

    29 days ago

    Terrific trail off the beaten path, so to speak. Crossing a couple of the streams beyond the 1 mile mark may be a challenge to some, especially after heavy rain or winter thaw. Dog friendly too (just watch for ticks). It's become on of my favorite little gems in this region.

    Randall DiGiuseppe reviewed Bull Hill via Blue, Nelsonville, Washburn, Undercliff and Red Trail Loop

    30 days ago

    Nice hike. Challenging enough to put my newly replaced knee to the test. Well marked trail but be mindful once trails start crossing each other. I took a wrong turn and almost got lost. Definitely going to give it another go.

    Randall DiGiuseppe reviewed Southaven County Park

    30 days ago

    Pleasant, relatively flat trail with some nice views of the river. Beware of ticks.

    Randall DiGiuseppe reviewed Mountain Laurel Loop Trail

    9 months ago

    Lovely winter day hike. Not too cold to hike but cool enough to keep the ticks at bay. Did this one counterclockwise; made a right at the fork. Woodsy and secluded yet well maintained. My rough collie Scully was in her glory. Pleasantly surprised that there was more meandering and hills than I expected, but just follow the blue diamond trail markers throughout and you're golden. Got a nice view of the bay and North Fork and golf course at the northern most point of the trail. Definitely going back.

    Randall DiGiuseppe reviewed Cedar Point Lighthouse Loop Trail

    9 months ago

    Lovely hiking trail. Well maintained yet secluded 5.3 mile loop. Be sure to have your dog on a leash especially when you reach mile 1.0; the bluffs come up abruptly and your dog (and eager trail runner) can easily go over the edge en route to a 50 foot plunge to the beach. Sunny and very cool, so ticks weren't an issue. But lots of deer tracks along the trail are a good indicator that it is an issue in warmer seasons. Definitely going back for another go.