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    RAJ N Pro-red@3x

    Clayton, California 

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    RAJ N saved North Mount Elbert Trail

    12 days ago

    RAJ N reviewed Skyline Trail to Aerial Tramway Top Station

    24 days ago

    Epic Hike
    Date: 4/27/2019
    Start: 530 am
    End: 700 pm
    Experience Level: High

    Trail is fully snow-free, but watch out for the heat - start as early as you can. no shade/no water anywhere on the trail - carry at least 6-8 Liters of water per person. you should be in super-fit shape to do it. it goes up-up-up all the way! carry all that you think you need - headlamps, extra batteries, battery pack/cables for your cell, energy gels, first aid, perhaps a small umbrella, sunglasses.
    fortunately there's cell coverage throughout the mountain, except for a few spots (at least my Verizon mobile worked!)
    While trail conditions are good, it is easy to get lost - better read up & know what you're doing. Dont be stupid and be the next statistic!
    There are rattlesnakes everywhere - perfectly camouflaged - make tapping noise before sitting on a rock!

    Check the tram timings and operation before you go

    If you do it well, it is a rewarding and fulfilling hike - Glad that we did it!