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    Member Since December 2018

    Rae Mckiernan Pro-red@3x

    Detroit, Michigan 

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    Rae Mckiernan reviewed Chuda Przelaczka Loop

    3 months ago

    Awesome trail! The beginning starts on a simple path heavily trafficked until you reach the turn off. Along the way you will find the entrance to cave for a small fee. The cave is cool, but requires some crouching or crawling and may be a bit flooded, prepare for wet shoes. At the exit of the cave, you can climb over the stairs to the right to a little area with a nice veiw. The stairs lead to a river, more simple path. We took an alternate route; if you continue straight to the middle path instead of turning left to loop back towards the beginning. Take this path through a wooded trail, it will dead end at a pond with a deck. The veiw and overall atmosphere here is absolutely pristine. The pond is surrounded by woods and overlooks the mountain peaks. So peaceful.

    Rae Mckiernan completed Chuda Przelaczka Loop

    3 months ago

    Rae Mckiernan reviewed Mount Giewont

    3 months ago

    Absolutely love this trail! Disclaimer, do not attempt this trail if you aren’t looking for a good workout. Most of it is quite steep and very rocky. This was my favorite trail in tatra. Breathtaking views of the mountains and forestry. The hike begins at a trail through the woods made of large rocks as steps alongside a stream. At the end of the woods, the trail opens up to an incredible view all along the remaining path to the summit, with offtrail opportunities for rock climbing. (This probably isn’t safe but we did it anyway). Saw some goats, small wildflowers, and a bit of snow at the top. On the other side, lovely views on the rocky path back down into the valley. It rained on our way down, and the rocks became very slippery. Would recommend climbing stick for the descent. Overall, a good workout and breathtaking views.

    Rae Mckiernan completed Mount Giewont

    3 months ago

    Rae Mckiernan saved Zelené Pleso

    3 months ago

    Rae Mckiernan saved Mount Giewont

    3 months ago