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    Rachel Sharp

    Jersey City, New Jersey 

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    Rachel Sharp reviewed Arpy Lake and Pietra Rossa Lake

    6 days ago

    Amazing views and fun, dynamic hike. There are multiple routes to get up and back to the second lake (Pietra Rossa), so you can see different things. One of the routes, which draws you to the left at a fork before crossing the waterfall, follows the waterfall up the mountain with metal bars at several points to help with the fairly vertical climb (or descent). This route was steeper, but much less snowy than the route that crosses the waterfall before the lake. The snow made the ascent difficult in two patches—we even used some other hikers ropes to help us get up. (Probably not absolutely necessary but definitely helpful.) The portion of the hike between Arpy and Pietra Rossa has some rock scrambles and was quite steep for most of the way. The two parts of the hike should really be rated separately. From the car park to Arpy was fairly easy, but the hike from Arpy to Pietra Rossa was difficult. (The overall hike is rated as moderate right now, but I’m sure a U.S. National Park would rate the second leg of the hike as difficult.) The views are incredible the whole way and I would do this hike again— but know that the mileage is probably between 9-10 miles round trip and the hike from Arpy to Pietra Rossa is challenging.

    Rachel Sharp reviewed Rifugio Arbolle

    6 days ago

    Amazing hike! But I would probably rate it difficult rather than moderate, at least by U.S. standards. You don’t need equipment, but this is a more significant elevation gain then most hikes rated as difficult in the U.S. National Parks. The hike is fairly steep for majority of the outward trip, and if you descend all the way down to Rufugio Arbolle at the end then there is a steep ascent at the beginning of the return trip as well. However, the views are totally worth it. Start at the gondola station in Pila and follow signs for 14/19/102, all of which seem to be the same trail in this area. You’ll get to Lake Chamole first, which is beautiful and a great place to stop for lunch on the way out or back. Then continue on to Rufugio Arbolle, which has another magical lake at which you could rest. I would highly recommend this hike for the views, but it is aerobically challenging!

    Rachel Sharp completed Rifugio Arbolle

    6 days ago