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    Member Since April 2018

    Rachel Patterson

    Kenmore, Washington 

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    Rachel Patterson reviewed Lime Kiln Trail

    10 days ago

    hiked on 8/12/19. my friend tracked the distance using the app and it said round trip was 7.7 miles. we took two 7 year olds and they did fine. it took us 2 hours up and an hour and a 45 min back. great adventure! the trail is beautiful, some mud to navigate and steep parts, lots of narrow areas, and trees to walk under and over that eventually lead to the river. all the moss and shade cover reminded us of Fern Gully.

    Rachel Patterson completed Lime Kiln Trail

    12 days ago

    Rachel Patterson saved Airport Trail

    18 days ago

    Rachel Patterson reviewed Heather Lake Trail

    19 days ago

    Challenging hike for a novice. We stopped at the ranger station on the way in and bought a parking pass and were warned about the road having huge potholes. We did fine in my small SUV. We met lots of friendly volunteers on the trail that were working to spruce up the trail. The lake was incredible but the flies were pesky! There were spots that we climbed slippery rocks, walked through shallow streams and a few muddy areas. Still enjoyed it!

    Rachel Patterson completed Heather Lake Trail

    20 days ago

    Rachel Patterson completed Twin Falls Trail

    27 days ago