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    Member Since July 2019

    Rachel Lyn

    Ashburton, Canterbury, New Zealand 

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    Rachel Lyn reviewed Alex Knob and Christmas Lookout via Alex Knob Track

    10 days ago

    Beautiful trail with two lookouts at 2.5 miles (4km) and 3.5 miles (6km) up. Both had a spectacular view of you are wanting something shorter. Nothing quite beats the view at the top of the glacier and peaks and the view of the rest of coast just slow the top on the trail. Make sure to get out before the clouds roll in because it could lead to a blocked view of the glacier. It took us just over 3 hours to get up and 2:15 to get down (with plenty of picture and snack breaks)

    Rachel Lyn reviewed Robert's Point Track

    10 days ago

    Currently closed due to flood damage on the bridge. Keep checking back!