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    R Keener reviewed Emigrant Wilderness Loop Trail

    6 months ago

    My goal was to go from Crabtree TH to Gem Lake the first day and then to explore the lakes beyond Gem Lake. Unfortunately, the water at Cherry Creek (about .75 miles from Gem Lake) was to my chest and higher in most spots and I wasnt able to find a good place to cross without having to float my backpack and swim. I chose not to and returned to Piute Lake for the night. Piute was a good spot and no one else was around. Good initial plan, just happened to catch the runoff at the wrong time.

    R Keener completed Jamison Lake

    about 1 year ago

    R Keener saved Jamison Lake

    about 1 year ago

    R Keener added Round Valley Miwok Trail

    over 1 year ago

    R Keener added half the hike

    over 1 year ago

    R Keener reviewed Mount Whitney via Mount Whitney Trail

    over 1 year ago

    8 of us climbed to the Mount Whitney peak from June 22-24. We had heard so many people talk about the altitude affecting them and had also heard statistics of only about 40% who attempt it actually making it. Our goal was to make the summit on the 24th as part of a national event, "Cops On Top", where teams from across the country summit their state's highest peak on June 24th in hon or of their fallen officers.

    We drove from No. California to Lone Pine where we had pizza and met up with the rest of our group. There a several stores in Lone Pine for supplies as this is a major stopping point for PCT'ers. We had been advised to stay at least one night at elevation to help to acclimate. Most blogs suggested two nights and since we ranged from 18 years to mid 50's, we wan ted to increase all of our chances for success. We hiked the first afternoon from Whitney Portal to Lone Pine Lake and camped overnight there. There are a couple of water crossings due to the run off. The one with the log bridge all the way across is missing a log in the middle forcing you to have to ford in this area. The second day we went from Lone Pine Lake to Trail Camp.

    As Darryl Evey wrote, there is snow starting about one mile before reaching Trail Camp. If you arrive in the snow area before about 11 am, it is still reasonably hard. After that it is slushy and not as easy to traverse. It was a bit sad to see that there are several people who clearly know nothing about Leave No Trace camping as there was a fair amount of garbage at Trail Camp. While I totally get the idea of hiking out your poop is less than desirable, leaving the poop bags all over the place is even less so. There is a lake at Trail Camp that was about half frozen. It is a water source but again, because some people don't think long term, it is imperative to treat any water you get from this area.

    We knew sunrise was about 5:30 so we left the next morning around 2:30. The switchbacks were still covered in snow and ice so we went up the shoot. It takes about 2-3 hours to do this. We did it by headlamp and used crampons, microspikes and ice axes. We talked to some younger guys who went up in only tennis shoes so I'm sure it can be done but having the extra traction provided a bit more confidence. Look for a trail that others have already made because your footholds will be much better. Blazing a trail and creating footholds, especially toward the top, can get tiring. The grade gets pretty steep toward the top and for about the last 30 feet, it was more like crawling than hiking. We made it to the top of the shoot in time to see a blessing of a sunrise.

    The balance of the hike to the summit has a couple a challenging areas but a very passable. They are challenging due to the sheer drop off and a couple of boulder climbs to get around fallen rock. It is said to be about 2 miles after the top of the shoot before you hit the summit and it probably is but it felt like a lot more. The peak is an awesome sight and a great relief to have made. A few photos however and you're ready to head 11 miles back to the Portal. I'm positive the hike in one day is a serious challenge but make no mistake, you only cut out about 6 of the total 22 miles by staying over a couple nights before you summit and the summit day and back to the Portal will still be about 16 miles or so.

    There were no mosquitoes above the tree line at Trail Camp and beyond but there were a ton until you get to those elevations. Spray your clothes with Sawyer Permethrin and use a repellent with 20% Picaridin on areas of your skin that are not protected. A couple in our party declined to use anything and got eaten up.