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    Amazing mini-thru-hike. Campsites have running potable water, Jay Camp HQ has all the amenities and fully stocked (beers!). The third day was by far the best part of the trail through beautiful redwood groves and the highlight Berry Creek Falls. Can't wait to do it again, next time with my kids. Mosquitos were pretty brutal (July) when standing/sitting still, so bring plenty of repellent!

    no shade
    2 months ago

    Nice quick trail, though bring sunscreen - there's no shade throughout. Perfect for family hikes, my 8-ywar old daughter did great.

    Lots of great hill climbs for training, clear trail the whole way with some nice views of the reservoir and Mt Diablo

    The rail map is a little off in one stretch, so keep an eye on the trail where the small pond is. You can see this in my/others recordings. Also, pants are advised as some parts of the trail are narrow with some spikey weeds. Nice quick hike overall.

    There's no parking here and it's just road to the staging/park, so unless you live nearby and can walk to this starting point you'll be confused (as I was). Just drive up into the Alhambra Creek staging area and hit the <Diablo View, Spengler, Old Briones Road, Lagoon, Toyon Canyon, Pine Tree and Orchard Loop> trail (5.4 mile), adding additional trails as you'd like.

    4 months ago

    Easy paved hike with the kids, some nice views of the bay and wildflowers along the way. The noise from the trains running the whole time was a bit of a bummer. Lots of caterpillars, lizards and butterflies to keep the kids engaged.

    5 months ago

    Great hike with tons of waterfalls! Beautiful sound of rushing water as you trek up/down. We had kids ages 4-8 with us and, while a few parts required assistance (with lots of hand-holding along some steep drop-offs), they completed it just fine. Lots of banana slugs and salamanders to find!

    6 months ago

    Sunday, September 24, 2017

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