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    Member Since January 2019

    Priti Patel

    Chicago, Illinois 

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    Priti Patel reviewed PR4 SMI Eye of the Canary and Seven Cities

    15 days ago

    Steep incline and decline to get on to the ridge and into the village. Views on the ridge around the lakes are beautiful. Stop halfway for lunch which was lovely. Great views and good workout!!

    Priti Patel reviewed PRC2 SMI Paia to Fogo Lagoon

    15 days ago

    We loved this hike!! We started early at 7am and were the first ones on the trail. Didn’t see anyone until we turned back. Highly recommend that if you can. We were blown away with the beauty and changing terrain. Going from forest to valley to the view at the end was unforgettable. If we had more time we would have hiked to the top Miradouro or the beach. Highly recommend!

    Priti Patel reviewed PR1 FLO Trail: Ponta Delgada to Fajã Grande

    15 days ago

    We did this hike from Fajã Grande to Ponta Delgada and loved it. Definitely recommend going that direction if you do not like steep downhills especially at the end. We preferred to take steep uphill at beginning. Loved how this trail hugs the ocean and the views just kept getting better and better. We did get a little off trail by accident a little over halfway when we had to cross the stream. Be careful you are crossing on the trail there! Got pretty muddy in places so highly recommend good boots for this. The tour at the end of the lighthouse was also charming.

    Priti Patel reviewed Little Coal Creek Trail

    15 days ago

    Lots of mosquitoes for the first hour but the views at the top are SO GORGEOUS. We were lucky enough to have this trail to ourselves which made it even more special. Clouds cleared to unveil denalis glory to us right as we reached the top. Magnificence. Took us 4 hours including sitting for an hour up top.

    Priti Patel completed Little Coal Creek Trail

    15 days ago

    Priti Patel reviewed Savage Alpine Trail

    15 days ago

    We did this hike with a family ranging from intermediate to first time hikers. While it was challenging for all of us it was fun and well worth it. The view at the top is worthy of at least 20 minute break to take it all in. Be careful on the decline down to the river and bring layers! Definitely does get windy up top.

    Priti Patel completed Savage Alpine Trail

    15 days ago