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    Priscilla Barnes reviewed 'A' Mountain at Hayden Butte

    about 4 hours ago

    The views of the city were fairly decent. It was really short, but a good easy, family friendly, inner city hike.

    Priscilla Barnes reviewed Devils' Chasm Trail

    7 days ago

    We took a high clearance SUV that we weren’t prepared to drive the last mile to the trailhead with as we were scared of getting stuck. The last mile to the trailhead is the most difficult part of the drive. That being said, this hike has it all, scenery, bouldering, crazy elevation gain, a creek, with the biggest payoff being the ruins. I will say that it is physically challenging and serves as a full body work out. The trail is fairly easy to follow and we did leave additional cairns for those future venturers. The 20 plus mile off road was worth it.

    Priscilla Barnes reviewed Picketpost Mountain Trail

    8 days ago

    They view were spectacular and the hike was scenic. I completed this hike solo and found great difficulty in navigating it as the trail was horribly marked. I must have spent and extra hour or two trying to find the trail both on the way up and he way down. What can I say, I was determined. I will not be hiking this solo ever again. A group is recommended. I left my fair share of cairns to help those future venturers, if you could contribute as well, please do.

    Priscilla Barnes reviewed Grand Falls View Trail

    8 days ago

    The falls were not fully slowing, but I can only image at their best. It was worth he trip out and I will most definitely be back when they’re in full swing!

    Priscilla Barnes reviewed West Fork Trail

    13 days ago

    This hike is a must in the fall. The change in color of he leaves is stunning.

    Priscilla Barnes reviewed Spook Mountain

    21 days ago

    It’s a decent sized hill more like, a little short, but decent.

    Priscilla Barnes completed Spook Mountain

    21 days ago

    Priscilla Barnes reviewed South Kaibab to Phantom Ranch to Bright Angel Trail

    27 days ago

    A small group of us tackled this beauty this past Saturday. We hiked the 18 miles in just under 10 hours, breaks included. It amazing, as a tourist at the Rim you really have no idea the scope. A hike into the Grand Canyon is a must! I’m a fairly experienced hiker, but this one tops the list.

    Moleskins and electrolytes are a must on this. Also be sure to note the 20 degree temperature increase at the river. I’d be weary during any of the warmer months.

    Priscilla Barnes saved Verde Hot Spring

    about 1 month ago

    Priscilla Barnes reviewed Mount Baldy Trail (West Baldy)

    about 1 month ago

    One of Arizona’s most beautifully, peaceful hikes for sure. The first four miles are relatively easy, after this point though, the stream fades off as you start the truer gain in elevation through switchbacks in the mountain. I took the West Baldy Trail and came back the same way and my watch clocked in closer to 15 miles RT.

    Priscilla Barnes reviewed Browns Peak via Brown's Trail

    2 months ago

    I’ve never enjoyed doing something as dangerous as the level three scrambling you must get through to make way to the summit of Brown’s. The trail to the saddle was moderate and just slightly over 2 miles. The scramble after the saddle makes this a difficult trail however. I will say, if you do not feel comfortable, turn around Remember, it’s not just up you have to go but back down as well!

    Priscilla Barnes reviewed Boyce Thompson Arboretum Main Trail

    2 months ago

    A perfect get away from the city. Kid and elderly friendly!

    Priscilla Barnes reviewed South Kaibab Trail to Skeleton Point

    2 months ago

    Majestic views, enough said! It’s the Grand Canyon after all!

    Priscilla Barnes reviewed Lower Emerald Pool Trail

    3 months ago

    Though short, it was beautiful. Not as high a priory as the other more popular hikes, but worth it.