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    Prisca Ranck reviewed Lower Mill B North Fork Trail

    2 months ago

    Hidden Falls is a very short walk about 2 minutes to the left of the main trail. The waterfall is only trickle this time if year.

    The hike is steadily uphill. A nice workout. This would make a quick out and back outdoor adventure for after work. You can easily miss the little side cut off for this trail. A little ways below the lookout area there is a nice rock platform area for meditation, journaling or Yogo. Happy Trails!

    Prisca Ranck reviewed Lone Peak via Jacob's Ladder Trail (from Summer Trailhead)

    3 months ago

    Wow! What a trail to tackle. Bring a wind jacket because the seasons are changing. I also recommend gloves (I brought gripping garden gloves and they worked great) for warmth and scrambling down the sharp boulders. Be careful at the top... take it easy and know your limits.

    Prisca Ranck reviewed Fergeson Canyon View Point

    4 months ago

    Definitely a bit more than a moderate hike! Steep and rocky terrain for more than half the hike. Wear good treaded shoes. I do not recommend hiking it alone. Took us about 2 hours. Happy Hiking!

    Prisca Ranck saved Stairs Gulch Trail

    4 months ago

    Prisca Ranck reviewed Deschutes River South Canyon Trail

    4 months ago

    Worth the walk!

    Prisca Ranck reviewed Benham Falls Trail

    4 months ago

    Pretty walk under trees and along the river (try your luck with poles and rodes with artificial lures). *There is another parking lot closer to the falls.

    Falls are more what I consider class 4 - 5 rapids. I was a bit disappointed. It was also hard to find a good place to take pictures.

    Prisca Ranck saved Benham Falls Trail

    4 months ago

    Prisca Ranck completed Benham Falls Trail

    4 months ago

    Prisca Ranck reviewed Lava River Cave Trail

    4 months ago

    Unique! Bring a very bright light, a tissue or two and wear a warm coat. Cave ventures back about a mile and a sign notifies you when to stop. Be aware not to wear any other clothes that you've worn in other caves. Definitely worth seeing!

    Prisca Ranck completed Lava River Cave Trail

    4 months ago

    Prisca Ranck reviewed Linton Lake Trail

    4 months ago

    Loved every step! Oregon at it's best.

    Prisca Ranck completed Linton Lake Trail

    4 months ago

    Prisca Ranck reviewed Deschutes River Loop via Farewell Bend Park

    4 months ago

    Great place to walk and talk.

    Prisca Ranck saved Linton Lake Trail

    4 months ago

    Prisca Ranck reviewed Mount Aire Trail

    5 months ago

    Even though the valley is hot, this trail is very shaded and cool all the way to the saddle. The switch-backs up to the "summit" are more exposed. Be aware of rattlesnakes.. saw only one rattling away at us (consider keeping dogs on leash). The view isn't my favorite, but it does provide a beautiful view of Parleys Canyon. Happy Hiking!

    (4 miles round trip)

    Prisca Ranck saved Mount Aire Trail

    5 months ago

    Prisca Ranck completed Mount Aire Trail

    5 months ago

    Prisca Ranck saved Tumalo Falls Loop

    5 months ago

    Prisca Ranck reviewed Upper Bells Canyon Trail

    5 months ago

    What a beautiful beastly hike. Definately rated hard, moreso an "extreme" hike. Took us 3 1/2 hours moving constantly to get to the top. Our fitness trackers from the parking lot (overflow) to the upper reservoir said about 6 miles (one way) and about 450 floors. The trail narrows after the lower falls and definitely criss crosses. All trails go UP to the same place! When you reach the large granite rock "garden" or slide/field, stay to your left. It's a little less than a mile from the top. The mosquitoes were pretty heavy. Bring Deet! Bring plenty of water (we sure enjoyed a bottle of Gatorade too).

    Take your time coming down. Hard on your knees and ankles.

    We didn't see any snakes.

    Much cooler at the reservoir (almost 20 degrees cooler than the valley).

    Happy Hiking!

    Prisca Ranck completed Upper Bells Canyon Trail

    5 months ago

    Prisca Ranck reviewed Jacks Mountain

    6 months ago

    Lovely sunset hike. Rated hard for the steep climb UP! Worth the hike to get a picture of our valley, a selfie with Buddha and to sign the journal in the mailbox at the top. Happy Hiking!

    We didn't see any snakes on the trail after 7.

    Prisca Ranck reviewed Mount Timpanogos Trail from Aspen Grove

    6 months ago

    This is not just a hard hike, it's a VERY hard hike. My Fitbit read over 16 miles, 444 minute without and over 500 floors to the summit... holy smokes! I'm tired. I had some nausea and light headedness. Bring as much water possible (10 - 11 cups) and drink often by sipping. Plan on hiking all day with frequent stops (9 plus hours). There are still snowy patches near the saddle, but our group didn't need any equipment and we had a 10 year old - 50 year old with us. Keep your eye out for mountain goats they are up there!

    Prisca Ranck reviewed Lake Blanche Trail

    10 months ago

    Beautiful Hike! Wear layers. MicroSpikes are very very very helpful. Allow 2-3 hours to get to the top. Lake frozen, but Sundial Peak dominates the scenery. Totally worth it!

    Prisca Ranck reviewed Mount Van Cott Trail

    11 months ago

    Honestly, a bit boring. The terrain is borderline hard. The trail map works well on this app, however there seems to be a ton of alternative trails to get up the mountain. Yes, I can't believe a few wild flowers/weeds are showing their color. Crazy winter!.

    *You are not suppose to park where Google Maps tells you to. Be Aware.

    Prisca Ranck saved Circle All Peak

    11 months ago

    Prisca Ranck saved Lambs Canyon Trail

    11 months ago