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I find great joy exploring new trails, some that few seem to know about and others that are highly traveled but taken for granted. I also enjoy urban adventures, as there are a LOT of overlooked trails people assume "aren't cool enough," but I beg to differ. Every route has charm and qualities worth appreciating. It's not always necessary to drive an hour or more to a remote location to enjoy the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of getting outside. Instead of missing an opportunity because "there's not enough time," an hour or two here and there can avail a few miles of walking nearly next door! The last few years I've been trying to cover as much ground and appreciate as many new locations as I can. From the "worst" to the best trails, each location is worth consideration with an open mind. So far I've never been on a hike or walk I regretted. Even some of the most painful or difficult situations create the most interesting memories. Getting out the door is the biggest hurdle for most people. I've long since overcome that barrier. My new challenge is to avoid hiking obsession! Or wait, is that even a valid goal? Most things in life are best done in moderation. Spending time outdoors is one of those things that seems to only reap benefits, and the sky is the limit. Plus the mountains, lakes, rivers, deserts, beaches... limitless! Lord willing, until I can't walk anymore, hiking is what I'll continue to do.

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