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    peter woolley Pro-red@3x

    Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England 

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    peter woolley reviewed Guiting Power and Naunton Circular Walk

    25 days ago

    Some lovely paths and great scenery, mainly off road. The quarry stretch is very dusty when dry.

    peter woolley reviewed Backbury Hill and Mordiford Circular Walk

    25 days ago

    Stone Bridge to Old Cottage midsection:
    "Cross the pasture at about 11 o�clock, climbing uphill. A stile at the far side leads you back into woodland. The path swings sharp right and you will emerge to the corner of a stone vehicle track. Turn right along this, following it downhill. " Worth noting that the yellow waymark arrow at the style, as you enter the wood, points left (not right). If you follow this it takes a rough trail into the woods to a dead end and you have to back track. The iFootpath instructions are right, you turn right at the style, but the path is not obvious, and it is then only a few paces to the stone vehicle track.

    ADMIN RESPONSE: Thank you so much for getting in touch and helping us to agree an update to the wording. We have updated the guide ready for future walkers.

    peter woolley reviewed Faringdon Folly

    25 days ago

    If you want to climb the folly and experience the amazing views, check their website. It is run entirely by volunteers and has limited opening.

    peter woolley reviewed Leafield and Field Assart

    25 days ago

    On the 'Bridleway to Akeman Street' section where it says "1 mile, until you reach a road junction with Akeman Street on your left." it would be clearer to state 'on leaving the bridleway turn left . When you reach Akeman Street then turn right'.

    ADMIN RESPONSE: Thank you for the suggestion improvement, we have updated the guide.

    peter woolley reviewed Coln Saint Aldwyn and Bibury Circular

    25 days ago

    On the 'Ready Token' section where it says "Walk straight ahead, walking on the left edge of this field and the following field" it should say "Walk along the leaf edge of the field" not straight ahead.

    ADMIN RESPONSE: Thank for you the suggested improvement, we have updated the guide.

    peter woolley completed Faringdon Folly

    25 days ago