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    Penni Estlick reviewed Crystal Mountain Trail

    12 months ago

    Great hike! I took the gondola up and hiked down. I am very glad I did! If I had hiked up it likely would have been too much for me. However, riding the gondola up, seeing the impressive view of Mt. Rainier, having lunch and then hiking down made for a perfect day. The trail down is narrow and sometimes confusing so make sure to have a map of the trail with you or download the Crystal Mtn ap. The terrain can be difficult as there are a lot of exposed tree roots and rocks on the trail. It is definitely a work out so make sure you have water and food along the trail. Definitely something to experience.

    Penni Estlick completed Crystal Mountain Trail

    12 months ago

    Penni Estlick reviewed Iron Horse Trail from Olallie State Park to Rattlesnake Lake

    12 months ago

    I did this trail this weekend with my dog. The trail is very easy to walk and there are some great views in certain parts. The trail is heavily used by bicyclist so you need to be aware to move aside for them as protocol calls. The trail is mostly gravel so wear quality shoes or your feel will feel the impact. I actually wouldn't consider this a "hike" but more of a path to walk on for exercise. It was cool to see the groups of people out doing rock climbing and there are some great options for side trails if you want more of a hike (Cedar Butte and Twin Falls for example).

    Penni Estlick saved Snow Lake Trail

    12 months ago

    Penni Estlick saved Zig Zag Trail

    12 months ago

    Penni Estlick saved Poo Poo Point Trail

    12 months ago