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    Member Since March 2017

    Paul Sweet

    Tulsa, Oklahoma 

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    Paul Sweet reviewed Shi Shi Beach Trail

    8 months ago

    The trail was beautiful at every turn, and the destination was even better. We backpacked to the beach and did the hike to Point of the Arches. It was unlike anything we’d ever seen before. At low tide we saw starfish and anemones in tidal pools and on the rocks that were exposed. Sea stacks are all around, of course.

    Be prepared to maneuver a muddy trail; hiking poles helped us immensely. Finding the old rope leading to the beach has now been replaced by stairs was a pleasant surprise.

    Paul Sweet completed Shi Shi Beach Trail

    8 months ago

    Paul Sweet reviewed Turkey Mountain Pink Trail

    8 months ago

    It’s decent, especially for a trail so near development. The trail is often marked quite well, but not all of the time. There aren’t a lot of big views here, either, but you do get an enjoyable hike through the woods with occasional ponds, creeks, and the potential to see diverse mushroom species. Sadly, traffic noise often detracts from the experience. Still, it is one of the best Tulsa has to offer.

    Paul Sweet completed Turkey Mountain Pink Trail

    8 months ago