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    Paul Langworthy reviewed Carter Dome Trail

    over 1 year ago

    Beautiful hike but probably tough in one day. We did this loop as a two day hike, staying at Carter Notch Hut during late season when it is self service (and cheap). As a result we had more time and could add Mt Hight as an out-and-back from the summit, which is well worth it. Just west of the summit of Carter Dome there is a short spur to great viewpoint looking over the notch, but the summit itself is forested. Mt Hight, though much lower in elevation, is totally bald and has great views all around and beautiful alpine vegetation.

    The high point of this route is the Rainbow Trail. Upper portions are beautiful alpine forest with some exposed points, but the lower areas near the junction with Wild River Trail pass through a stunning open birch forest.

    We took Bog Brook Trail instead of looping back to Wilcat River T. Bog Brook seems to suffer from beaver damage and was hard to follow at one point, but it is a tad shorter than the route proposed here. The bottom parts of Wildcat River Trail involves three river crossings as I recall, which were no problem during a dry autumn, but could present an issue at other times. The hike out of the notch up Carter Dome is quite steep as well.

    Paul Langworthy completed Carter Dome Trail

    over 1 year ago

    Paul Langworthy reviewed Tour du Mont Albert

    over 1 year ago

    A beautiful and unique experience, and a challenging day hike. Crossing the broad flat alpine tundra at the summit is surreal and the descent through the scrubby, rocky serpentine gulch is both beautiful and alien. Top it all off with a beautiful alpine lake and a waterfall at the end.

    Be warned: the section down through the Serpentine rocks from around mile 4 to mile 6 is two solid miles of rock scrambling and will really drain you, particularly if you're on the shorter side.

    Amazing hike though. You won't find too many anglophones making the trip, but I've done many day hikes in the east and nothing was quite like this. Not necessarily as stunning as say, the Franconia Ridge Trail, but an even more unique experience by my book.

    Paul Langworthy completed Tour du Mont Albert

    over 1 year ago