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    Member Since January 2018

    Paul Herrick Pro-red@3x

    Ogden, Utah 

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    Paul Herrick saved White Pine Lake Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Paul Herrick reviewed Salt Creek Trail

    2 months ago

    This is a beautiful trail. My wife and I backpacked in about 3 miles. In order to get as far as we did we had to walk through the creek a couple of times. the current wasn't bad for us but it would have been to strong for small children. The first time we walked through the creek was probably about 2 miles in. Most of the trail before that though was fine for kids with some trail experience. This has been an abnormally wet year so it is possible that in dryer years you could hike the whole trail without getting your feet wet.
    When we arrived at the Bear Canyon camp ground we decided to park near the entrance to the camp ground. There is parking right by the trail head but when we arrived most of that parking was taken up by vehicles belonging to campers.
    We hiked this trail as an out and back. the trail does end at the Nebo Loop highway, but there is no reason you couldn't hike to the highway then turn around and hike back to the trail head.
    Having my phone with the All Trails app was helpful. There were a few places where it wasn't immediately clear where the trail was but we were able to reference the app which showed us where we were on the trail, even though we had no cell reception. That is probably a feature that requires the paid subscription, which we got for dirt cheap on black friday sale.
    Also, bring bug repellent.

    Paul Herrick completed Salt Creek Trail

    2 months ago

    Paul Herrick saved Red Reef Trail

    4 months ago

    Paul Herrick saved Salt Creek Trail

    4 months ago