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    2 months ago

    12/22/2018: A great day hike! The Maryland Heights overlook provides an outstanding view of historic Harpers Ferry, WV. The hike back was mostly downhill, which made for a quick and easy return to town.

    Harpers Ferry offers a wonderful “walk-thru” history lesson on various events that took place before and during the Civil War; John Brown’s raid on the federal armory being one such event.

    Almost forgot, a section of the Appalachian Trail passes directly through the town. If you’re looking for an overnight adventure, this might be a great spot to look!

    07/01/2018: Awesome overnight loop that is clearly marked and well traveled. I went counter-clockwise, so the first day was mainly a steep descent. Once I reached the bottom, I found an awesome campsite near the swimming holes at the far end of the loop. (Great hammock-camping spot at the base of the falls, tricky to reach though.)

    Day two was definitely a leg day. Once you round out the far end of the loop it’s all uphill from there. If you’re carrying a 30lb+ pack I would consider it a moderately strenuous climb.

    Overall awesome hike and a great introduction to overnighting in Shenandoah National Park.