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    Member Since June 2018

    Patty Berryman

    Bennett, Colorado 

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    Patty Berryman reviewed Beaver Brook and Chavez Trail Loop

    11 days ago

    Great trail! I agree with all the previous reviews . The trail is well marked , but still glad I went with others who new the way. Lots of variety , will definitely hike it again .

    Patty Berryman reviewed Rainbow Trail

    about 1 month ago

    The pluses with this hike are beautiful wildflowers, views, close to Salida, easy to get to, well marked trails, shaded in places, and only moderately hard. It took only 4 hours round trip (6 miles). The minuses were, no streams, rivers or waterfalls , WAY too many mountain bikers and although they were all very polite and shared the trail , we were constantly having to jump off the trail to allow them to get by. It was very nerve wracking and a couple of close calls. Also, motor dirt bikes are allowed on the trail, and the first mile of the hike you could see and hear route 285 down below. Soo based on my comments, I probably wouldn’t hike it a second time but if you are an experienced mountain biker , have at it!! And enjoy your ride !!!!

    Patty Berryman completed Rainbow Trail

    about 1 month ago